The Guild of Colonial Artisans and Tradesmen 1607-1783 is a hereditary society established to honor the memory and skills of our Colonial Ancestors who were accomplished in the field of art or trades which strengthened the building of our Nation.

Purpose and Objectives

To recognize and honor our Colonial Ancestors who, through their efforts as skilled craftsmen, tradesmen, and talented artisans, were involved in the formation of the American Colonies from the founding of Jamestowne, 13 May 1607, to the Treaty of Paris, 03 September 1783.

To acknowledge the importance of the various Royal Guilds as well as the respect afforded them as they were established in our ancestors' homelands, where the knowledge and skill of a given trade was perfected, fostered, and carried to the New World.

To inform and educate the public and awaken in the descendants of Guild ancestors the historical facts and proper definitions of a given ancestral art or skill.

To recognize and support programs and traditions that focus on the education and/or revitalization of historical skills, crafts, and artistic efforts.

To be involved with other lineage societies or related organizations in the promotion of patriotic, educational, genealogical, literary, historical, and social activities across our Nation.


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