This is a list of those qualifying Ancestors who have been proven to-date by the Guild's active members. The Guild welcomes any and all new ancestors with eligible trades. Please refer to the Guild's Dictionary of Colonial Arts and Trades as the official reference guide for acceptable trade/terms. If you ancestor plied a trade not shown in the Guild's Dictionary, please contact the Registrar General "before" submitting application/supplemental papers to verify that the trade is acceptable for the Guild's purposes. Refer to the Minor Guild Trade List to better understand the abbreviations shown following the ancestors trade. Many Colonial tradesmen plied more than one trade, hence they are shown multiple times on this list. The Guild's rule is one trade per ancestor per member. A member may not use the same trade more than once for an ancestor but he/she may use the ancestor more than once with a differing trades. This list of qualifying ancestors will be updated on a periodic basis.

(Artisans and Tradesmen proven in the Guild to date)

ABBOT, William (MA) - Weaver (T)
ADAMS, George (MA) - Glover (T)
ADAMS, Henry (Eng/MA) - Maltster (P)
ADAMS I, James (PA/NC) - Weaver (T)
ADAMS, Robert (MA) - Tailor (T)
ADAMS, Samuel (MA) - Millwright (W)
ADAMS, William (MA) - Author (A)
ADDIS, William (CT) - Brewer (P)
ALCOCK, George (MA) - Butcher (P)
ALDEN, John (MA) - Cooper (W)
ALDERMAN, Thomas (NJ) - Weaver (T)
ALDRICH, George (MA) - Tailor (T)
ALDRIDGE, II Clement (VA) - Joyner (W)
ALLEN, Benjamin (MA) - Blacksmith (S), Wheelwright (W)
ALLEN, Judah (NJ) - Cooper (W)
ALLEN, Samuel (MA) - Sawyer (W)
ALLEN, Walter (MA) - Hatter (T)
ALLEN, William (MA) - Carpenter (W)
ALLERTON, Isaac (MA) - Merchant (TR),Tailor (T)
(New Amsterdam) - Merchant (TR)
ALLYN, Robert (CT) - Merchant (TR)
ANDERSON I, James (PA) - Gristmiller (TR
) ANDERSON, William (VA) - Tailor (T)
ANDREWS, John (MA) - Baker (P), Carpenter (W), Cooper (W), Gristmiller (P)
ANDREWS, Thomas (MA) - Mason (W)
ARMITAGE, Godfrey, MA - Tailor (T)
ASHBAUGH, John (PA/OH) - Distiller (P)
ASHBAUGH, John Henry (PA/OH) - Potter (T)
AUSTIN I, David (CT) - Gristmiller (P)
AULT, Johannes-(Holland)Goldsmith (A),Jeweler (A),Watchmaker(S)
AUSTIN, Joseph (NH) - Millwright (W)
AUSTIN, Matthew (ME) - Weaver (T)
AVERY, Christopher (CT) - Kersey Weaver (T)
AVERY, John (MA) - Blacksmith (S)
AVERY, Robert (MA) - Ironsmith (S)
AVERY, William (MA)-Apothecary (P),Blacksmith (S),Bookseller (TR)
BABB, Phillip (ME) - Fishmonger (TR), Butcher (P)
BABCOCK I, James (RI) - Blacksmith (S)
BABSON, James (MA) - Cooper (W)
BACKUS, William (Eng/CT) - Cutler (S)
BACON. Michael (MA) - Gristmiller (P)
BACOT, Pierre (SC) - Silk Maker (T)
BADGER, John (MA) - Miller (TR)
BAKER, Samuel (VA) - Bricklayer (W)
BALDWIN, George (CT) - Blacksmith (S)
BALL, Aaron (NJ) - Blacksmith (S)
BALL, Francis (MA) - Blacksmith (S)
BALL, Samuel (MA) - Brickmaker (W)
BALL, Thomas (NJ) - Blacksmith (S)
BARBER, Thomas, I (Eng/CT) - Carpenter (W)
BARDWELL, Robert (MA) - Cordwainer (T), Hatter (T)
BARKER, William (VA) - Merchant (TR)
BARNEY, Jacob (MA) - Merchant (TR), Tailor (T)
BARRELL, George MA - Cooper (W)
BARROW, Richard (NC) - Tailor (T)
BARSTOW, William (MA) - Carpenter (W), Shipwright (W)
BARTLETT I, Richard (MA) Shoemaker (T)
BARTLETT II, Richard (MA) - Sawmiller (W)
BARTLETT, Samuel (MA) - Basketmaker (T), Musician (A)
BARTHOLOMEW, William (CT) - Millwright (W)
BARTHOLOMEW, William (MA) - Merchant (TR)
BARTON, John (MA) - Apothecary (P)
BARTON, Lydia Roberts (MA) - Merchant (T)
BASS, Thomas (VA) - Miller (TR)
BASSETT, Mary Huckins (MA) - Writer (A)
BASSETT, Nathan (MA) - Merchant (TR)
BASSETT, Samuel (MA) - Blacksmith (S)
BASSETT, William (MA) - Blacksmith (S)
BATES, George (VA) - Carpenter (W)
BATES I, John (VA) - Merchant (TR)
BATT, Christopher (MA) - Merchant (TR), Tanner (T)
BEAL, John (MA) - Shoemaker (T)
BEAN, John (NH) - Tanner (T), Sawmiller (W)
BEAN, John (NH) - Moccasin Manufacturer (TR)
BECKFORD, John (MA) - Brickmaker (W)
BELL, Isaac (NY) - Artificer (S)
BENJAMIN, John (MA) - Blacksmith (S)
BENNETT, Samuel (MA) - Housewright (W)
BERRY, Joseph (VA) - Carpenter (W)
BERRY, William (VA) - Weaver (T)
BERRYMAN, William (VA) - Miller (TR)
BICKNELL, John (MA) Carpenter (W), Cooper (W)
BICKNELL, Thomas (MA) - Blacksmith
BIGELOW, John (MA) - Blacksmith (S)
BIGELOW, Samuel (MA) - Carpenter (W)
BIGGER, William (VA) - Carpenter (W)
BILLINGS, Roger (MA) - Carpenter (W)
BIRD, Thomas (MA) - Tanner (T)
BIRD, Thomas (NC) - Gristmiller (P)
BISHOP, Thomas (MA) - Wheelwright (W)
BLACK, James (SC) - Shipwright (W)
BLACK I, William (VA) - Cooper (W), Merchant (TR)
BLACKWELL, Joseph (VA) - Sawmiller (W)
BLAKE II, William (MA) - Carpenter (W)
BLAKESLEE, Samuel (CT) - Blacksmith (S)
BLANCHAN, Matthew (NY) - Distiller (P), Miller (TR)
BLASDELL, Jonathan (MA) - Blacksmith (S)
BLEWETT, William (NC) - Tailor (T)
BLODGETT, Joshua (MA) - Musician (A)
BLOOD, James (MA) - Cordwainer (T), Carpenter (W)
BLOUNT, Benjamin (NC) - Musican (A)
BOARDMAN, Samuel (CT) - Cooper (W)
BODGE, Henry (ME) - Shipwright (W)
BOEHM, Jacob (PA) - Blacksmith (S)
BOLLING , Robert (VA) - Merchant (TR)
BONNEY, Thomas (MA) - Shoemaker (T)
BONNIFIELD, Samuel (VA) - Salter (P)
BONVILLIAN, Antoine (LA) - Ironsmith (S)
BONVILLIAN, Jacques (LA) - Cobbler (T)
BOONE, George (PA) - Weaver (T)
BOONE, Samuel (RI) - Woolcomber (T)
BOONE II, Samuel (MD) - Gunsmith (S)
BOONE II, Squire (PA) - Gunsmith (S)
BONUM/BOHAM (MA) - Fuller (T)
BOREMAN II, Thomas (MA) - Cooper (W)
BOSTWICK, John (CT) - Gristmiller (P)
BOSWORTH, Jonathan (MA) - Tailor (T)
BOSWORTH, Nathaniel (MA) - Housewright (W)
BOURNE, Thomas, (MA) - Draper (TR)
BOWDY, Moses (MA) - Mason (W)
BOYCE, Joseph (MA) - Tanner (T)
BOYNTON, Benjamin (MA) - Tailor (T)
BOYNTON, John (MA) - Tailor (T)
BOYNTON, Joseph (MA) - Wheelwright (W)
BRACKENBERRY, William - Baker (P)
BRADBURY, John (ME) - Carpenter (W)
BRADBURY, Wymond ( MA/ME) - Cooper (W)
BRADFORD I, Richard (VA) - Joyner (W)
BRADFORD,William (MA)-Author(A),Silk Worker(T),Fustian Maker(T)
BRADLEY, William (CT) - Cornmiller (P), Millwright (W)
BRADSTREET, Anne Dudley (MA) - Poetess (A)
BRADT, Albert Andriesse (NY) - Sawmiller (W)
BRANSON, Eli (NC) - Blacksmith (S); Carpenter (W)
BRATTLE, William (MA) - Maltster (P)
BRAUN, Johan Michael (PA) - Blacksmith (S), Miller (TR)
BRAY, Thomas (MA) - Shipwright (W)
BREED, Allen (MA) - Carpenter (W)
BREED II, Allen (MA) - Wheelwright (W)
BREED, Josiah (MA) - Cordwainer (T)
BRECK, Edward (MA) - Author (A), Gristmiller (P)
BREWSTER, Jonathan (MA/CT) - Trading Post Merchant (TR)
BREWSTER, Jonathan (Holland/MA) - Lintwercker (T)
BREWSTER, William (MA) - Printer (TR)
BREWSTER, William (ME) - Trading Post Merchant (TR)
BRIDGES, Edmund (MA) - Blacksmith (S)
BRIGGS II, William (MA) - Writer (A)
BRIGGS II, William, (MA) - Shoemaker (T)
BRISTOW, William (VA) - Blacksmith (S)
BRITT, Joseph (NC) - Blacksmith (S)
BROOKS, Henry (MA) - Clothier (T)
BROWN, John (ME) - Blacksmith (S)
BROWN I, Thomas (MA) - Dishturner (W)
BROWNE, Henry (MA) - Shoemaker (T)
BROWNE, John (MA) - Merchant (TR)
BRUCE, Thomas (MA) - Cornmiller (P)
BRYANT, Abraham - Blacksmith (S)
BUCK, Emanuel/Enoch (CT) - Miller (TR)
BUCK, Nathaniel (ME) - Housewright (W)
BUCK, William (MA) - Plowwright (W)
BUCKINGHAM, Thomas (CT) - Author (A)
BUCKMAN, William (PA) - Carpenter (W)
BULKELEY, Peter (MA) - Author (A)
BURCHFIELD, Thomas (MD) - Blacksmith (S)
BURELLE, Etienne (LA) - Pastry Cook (P)
BURKS I, Samuel (VA) - Carpenter (W), Miller (TR)
BURNETT, John (VA) - Merchant (TR)
BURROUGHS, James (NJ) - Fifer (A)
BURT, Henry (MA) - Wampum Stringer (T), Maltster (P)
BUSHNELL I Francis (CT) - Painter (A)
BUSHNELL II Francis (CT) - Gristmiller (P)
BUSHNELL, Richard (MA) - Poet, (A)
BUTLAND, John (ME) - Sawmiller (W)
BUTLER, Thomas (SC) - Ships' Carpenter (W)
BUZZARD, George (PA) - Blacksmith (S)
BYRD, William I (VA) - Silversmith (A), Fur Trader (TR)
BYRD, William II (VA) - Author (A)
CALLUM, Malcom (MA) - Ironworker (S)
CAME, Arthur (ME) - Blacksmith (S)
CAME, Samuel (ME) - Millwright (W)
CAPEN, Bernard (MA) - Shoemaker (T)
CARLETON, Dudley (VT) - Cabinetmaker (W), Clockmaker (S)
CARPENTER, John (KY) - Fort Builder (W)
CARPENTER, William (NA) - Carpenter (W)
CARR, Robert (CT) - Tailor (T)
CARROLL, James (NC) - Merchant (TR), Poet (A)
CARROLL, James (NC) - Weaver (T)
CARTER, John (VA) - Joyner (W)
CARTER, Thomas (MA) - Blacksmith (S)
CARTLEDGE I, Edmund (PA) - Gristmiller (P), Miller (TR)
CASS, Ebenezer CTG - Gristmiller (P)
CASSEL, Johannes (PA) - Weaver (T)
CASWELL, Richard (MD) - Merchant (TR)
CATTELL, Jonas (NJ) - Smith (S)
CHAMBERLIN, Henry (MA) - Blacksmith (S)
CHAMBERLIN, John (MA) - Tailor (T)
CHAMBER(A)IN, Lewis (NJ) - Sawmiller (W)
CHANDLEE, Goldsmith (VA) - Smith (S)
CHANDLER, Thomas (MA) - Ironworker (S)
CHANDLER, William (MA) - Pointer (T), Tanner (T), Gristmiller (P)
CHAPMAN, Ralph (MA) - Shipwright (W)
CHAPMAN, Robert (MD) - Wheelwright (W)
CHAPMAN. Samuel (MA) - Carpenter (W)
CHASE I, William (MA) - Carpenter (W), Housewright (W)
CHESEBOROUGH. William (MA) - Gunsmith (S)
CHESEBROUGH, William (CT) - Blacksmith (S)
CHILES I, William (VA) - Cloth worker (T), Textile Merchant (TR)
CHILLINGWORTH, Thomas (MA) - Shoemaker (T)
CHILTON, James (MA) - Tailor (T)
CHINN, Charles (VA) - Gristmiller (P)
CHIPMAN, James (CT) - Clothier (TR), (NY) - Sawmiller (TR)
CHIPMAN, John (MA) - Cordwainer (T), Carpenter (W)
CHIPMAN. Perez (DE) - Blacksmith (S), Fuller (T)
CHRISTIAN, Charles (VA) - Apiarian (T)
CHUTE, Thomas (MA) - Tailor (T)
CLARK, William (MA) - Weaver (T)
CLARKE, Robert (NC/PA) - Weaver (T)
CLAYPOOL, James (VA) - Poet (A), Weaver (T)
CLEEVE, George (England) - Vintner (TR)
CLEMENT(S), Robert (MA) - Vintner (TR), Gristmiller (P), Cooper(W)
CLEVELAND, Moses (MA) - Joyner (W)
CLIFFORD, George (MA) - Drummer (A)
CLIFFORD, William (ME) - Tailor (T)
CLOUGH, John (MA) - Housewright (W)
COFFIN, Dionis Stevens (MA) - Brewster (P)
COFFIN, Enoch (MA) - Blacksmith (S)
COFFIN, James (MA) - Merchant (TR), Builder (W)
COFFIN, John (MA) - Blacksmith (S), Builder (W)
COFFIN I, Tristram (MA) - Miller (TR), Vintner (TR), Inventor (A) Millwright (W), Builder (W)
COFFIN II, Tristram (MA) - Merchant Tailor (TR), Tailor (T)
COGGESHALL, John (MA/RI) - Mercer (TR)
COIT, Job (MA) - Cabinetmaker (W)
COIT, John (CT) - Shipwright (W)
COLBY, Anthony (MA) - Sawmiller (W)
COLDHAM, Clement (MA) - Miller (TR)
COLDHAM, Thomas (MA) - Miller (TR)
COLLIER, William (ENG) - Brewer (P)
COLLINS I, Henry (MA) - Starch Maker (P)
CONANT I, Roger (MA) - Joyner (W), (ME) - Furrier (TR), Salter (P)
CONDIT, John (NJ) - Weaver (T)
CONDIT, Peter (NJ) - Clothier (TR)
CONDIT, Samuel (NJ) - Weaver (T)
COOLIDGE, John (MA) - Carpenter (W)
COOK, Thomas (RI) - Butcher (P)
COOKE, Francis (MA) - Woolcomber (T)
COOKE, Henry (MA) - Butcher (P)
COOKE, Samuel (CT) - Tanner (T)
COOLEY, Benjamin (MA) - Weaver (T)
COOMBS, John (MA) - Cooper (W)
COOPER, Timothy (MA) - Sawmiller (W)
COPENHAVER, Jacob (VA) - Tanner (T)
COPP, William (MA) - Cordwainer (T)
CORN I, Jesse (VA) - Blacksmith (S)
COTTON II, John (MA) - Author (A)
COWAN, John (NC) - Gunsmith (S)
COX, John (NJ) - Shoemaker (T)
CRANE, Henry (MA) - Ironworker (S)
CRANE I, John (NJ) - Carpenter (W)
CRANE II, John (NJ) - Miller (TR)
CREEDE, Ralph (VA) Carpenter (W), Shipwright (W)
CRISPE, Benjamin (MA) - Mason (W)
CROSSMAN, Robert (MA) - Drum Maker (W), Carpenter (W), Gunsmith (S), Ironmonger (TR)
CULVER I, Edward (MA/CT) - Wheelwright (W), Baker (P), (Eng/CT) - Millwright (W), Brewer (P)
CULVER, John (MD) - Weaver (T)
CULVERWELL, Thomas (CT/RI) - Clothier (T)
CUSHMAN, Robert (Eng/MA) - Woolcomber (T), Author (A), Tallow Chandler (P)
CUSSINGS, George (SC) - Indian Trader (TR)
CUSTER, Arnold (PA) - Bricklayer (W)
CUSTER, Nicholas (PA) - Blacksmith (S)
DAGGETT, Nathaniel (MA) - Wheelwright (W)
DANIEL, Woodson (NC) - Blacksmith (S)
DAVIS, James (MA) - Shoemaker (T)
DAVIS, John (MA) - Shoemaker (T)
DAVIS, Nicholas (ME) - Tailor (T)
DAVIS, William (VA) - Gristmiller (P)
DAVIS, William (PA) - Author (A)
DAVIS, William (MA) - Locksmith(S)
DAY I, Abraham (MA) - Drummer (A)
DEANE, Stephen (MA) - Gristmiller (P)
DeBOOGH, Frederick (NY) - Trader (TR)
de GUERIN, Thomas (NJ) - Architect (A)
DELAMAR, Thomas (NC) - Carpenter (W)
DENISON, William (MA) - Maltster (P), Merchant (TR)
DENMARK I, William (NC) - Blacksmith (S)
DENNIS, Thomas (ME) - Joyner (W), Carver (A)
DePRIEST, William (VA) - Sawyer (W)
DePRIEST, William (MD) - Printer (TR)
DeVANE, John (NC) - Gun Manufacturer (TR)
DEVEREUX, John, (MA) - Fishmonger (TR)
DeWEES, Garrett H. (NY) - Butcher (P)
DeWEESE, Lewis (DE) - Weaver (T)
DEWEY, Jedediah (MA) - Cornmiller (P)
DEWEY II, Thomas (MA) - Miller (TR)
DICKERMAN, Thomas (MA) - Tailor (T)
DILLON, Richard (NC) - Cooper (W)
DIXON, William (ME) - Cooper (W)
DOANE, Ephraim (MA) - Fishmonger (TR)
DOANE, John (MA) - Tailor (T)
DOBBS, William (VA) - Blacksmith (S)
DODGE, John (MA) - Miller (TR)
DOGGETT, Benjamin (VA) - Sizer (T)
DOLE, Richard (MA) - Merchant (TR), Tanner (T)
DONNELL, Frances (ME) - Brewster (P)
DORSEY I, Edward (MD) - Boatwright (W)
DOUGLASS, William (MA) - Cooper (W)
DREADEN/DRYDEN, David (MD) - Tanner (T)
DRIVER, Giles (VA) - Carpenter (W)
DUDLEY, James (NH) - Cooper (W)
DUDLEY, Thomas (MA) - Author (A), Poet (A)
DUDLEY, William (CT) - Cornmiller (P)
DUNHAM, Daniel (RI) - Chairmaker (W)
DUNHAM, John (MA) - Weaver (T)
DUNN, Nicholas (ME) - Shipwright (W)
DUNNING, Andrew (MA) - Blacksmith (S)
DUPUIS, Nicholas (NY) - Fishmonger (TR)
du SAUCHOY, Marc (MA) - Gristmiller (P)
DUVALL, Mareen (MD) - Merchant (TR)
DYER, George (MA) - Weaver (T)
EARL, Thomas (MD) - Weaver (T)
EATON, Benjamin (MA) - Housewright (W)
EATON, Francis, (MA) - Carpenter (W)
EBY, Theodorus (PA) - Miller (TR)
EDDY, Caleb (MA) - Cordwainer (T)
EDDY, Samuel (MA) - Tailor (T)
EDNEY, Robert (NC) - Tailor (T)
EISENHAUER, Hans Nicholas (PA) - Ironsmith (S)
EISENHAUER, Peter (PA) - Merchant (TR)
ELDERKIN, John (CT) - Miller (TR)
ELIKINS, Henry (NH) - Tailor (T), (MA) - Tailor (T)
ELLIOTT, Henry (CT) - Nailer (S)
EMMONS, Thomas, (Eng/RI/MA) - Cordwainer (T)
EWELL, Charles (VA) - Builder W)
FARLEY, George (MA) - Clothier (T/TR)
FARR, George (MA) - Shipwright (W)
FARWELL, Henry (MA) - Tailor (T)
FAURE/FORD, Pierre (VA) - Silversmith (A)
FEAKE, Robert (ENG/VA)(MA) - Goldsmith (A/S)
FISHER II, Anthony (MA) - Printer (TR)
FITCH, James (CT) - Author (A)
FITTS, John (MA) - Carpenter (W)
FITZPATRICK, Joseph (VA) - Gristmiller (P)
FLAGG, Gershom (MA) - Tanner (T)
FLETCHER, Reuben (MA) - Pamphleteer (A)
FLINT, John (MA) - Carpenter (W)
FLINT, Thomas MA - Carpenter (W)
FOGG, Samuel (NH) - Locksmith (S)
FOLGER, Peter (MA) - Poet (A), Blacksmith (S)
FOORD, John (MA/NJ) - Carpenter (W)
FOORD I, William (MA) - Miller (TR)
FOOTE, Nathaniel (MA) - Carpenter (W)
FORDHAM, Benjamin (MD) - Brewer (P)
FORTINEUX, Jonas (PA) - Strumpfstricker (T)
FORWOOD, Samuel (MD) - Miller (TR)
FOSTER, Nathan (MA) - Periwig Maker (T)
FOSTER, Thomas (MA) - Blacksmith (S)
FOWLER, Henry (MA) - Blacksmith (S)
FOWLER, Philip (MA) - Clothworker (T)
FOWLER, William (NY) - Carpenter (W)
FREEMAN, Sarah Mayo (MA) - Seamstress (T), Spinner (T)
FRENCH, Edward (MA) - Tailor (T)
FRENCH, Thomas (MA) - Tailor (T)
FRENCH, William (MA) - Tailor (T), Author (A)
FRISBIE, Edward (CT) - Nailer (S)
FULLER, Samuel (MA) - Say Weaver (T)
FUNCKE, Henry (PA) - Author (A), Miller (TR)
GADDY, David (VA) - Brass Smith (S)
GARDNER, Abel (MA) - Tanner (T), Cornmiller (P)
GARDNER, Joseph (MA) - Goldsmith (S)
GARDNER I, Richard (MA) - Fishmonger (TR), Millwright (W), Builder (W), Trader (TR)
GARDNER II, Richard (MA) - Shoemaker (T)
GARDNER, Samuel (MA) - Cornmiller (P)
GARDNER, Thomas (MA) - Merchant (TR), Housewright (W)
GARLOUGH, John Henry (MD) - Shoemaker (T)
GASCOYNE, Edward (MA) - Shipwright (W)
GATES, Jehiel - Carpenter (W)
GEDDY I, James (VA) - Gunsmith (S)
GEORGE, Peter (MA) - Oatmeal Maker (P)
GERRISH, William (MA) - Merchant (TR)
GETTY/GADDY, David (VA) - Brass Smith
GIESSABEL, Johann Michael (NC) - Blacksmith (S)
GILBERT II, John (MA) - Housewright (W)
GILMAN, Edward (NH) - Weaver (T)
GIST, Richard (MD) - Merchant (TR)
GLADDING, John (MA) - Miller (TR)
GODBEE, Cary (NC) - Miller (TR) GOODALE, Richard (MA) - Turner (W) GOODRICH, David, CT - Tailor (T) GOODWIN, Nathaniel (CT) - Shoemaker (T)
GORE, John (MA) - Painter (A)
GORHAM, John (MA) - Tanner (T)
GORHAM, Shubael (MA) - Housewright (W)
GORTON, Samuel (RI) - Author (A)
GOULD, Daniel, (CT) - Author (A)
GOULD, John, (RI) - Blacksmith (S)
GOULD, Thomas, (MA) - Sawmiller (TR)
GOULD, Zaccheus (MA) - Miller (TR)
GOVE, John (MA) - Brazier (S)
GRAFTON I, Joseph (MA) - Merchant (TR)
GRANNIS, Edward (CT) - Cordwainer (T)
GRANNIS, John (CT) Tanner (T)
GRANT, Edward (MA) - Shipwright (W)
GRAVES, John (CT) - Blakcsmith (S)
GRAVES I, Thomas (VA) - Fort Builder (W)
GRAVES, Thomas (MA) - Shipwright (W)
GRAY, Edward (MA) - Merchant (TR)
GREELEY, Andrew (MA) - Miller (TR)
GREELY, Andrew (MA) - Blacksmith (S)
GREELY, Joseph (NH) - Blacksmith (S)
GREENLEAF, Edmund (MA) - Silk Dyer (T)
GREENWAY, John (MA) - Millwright (W)
GREGORY, Henry (CT) - Shoemaker (T)
GREGORY IV, John (CT) - Corn Miller (P)
GREGSON, Thomas (CT) - Merchant (TR)
GRIFFIN, John (CT) - Naval Stores Producer (W)
GRIGGS, George (MA) - Carpenter (W)
GRINNELL, Matthew (RI) - Maltster (P)
GRISWOLD, Matthew (CT) - Mason (W)
GUEST, George (PA) - Brickmaker (W)
GUNNISON, Hugh (MA/ME) - Vintner (TR)
GUTH/GOODE II, George (PA) - Weaver (T)
HACKETT, William (MA) - Shipwright (W)
HADLEY, William (NY) - Blacksmith (S)
HALE, Benjamin (MA) - Cordwainer (T)
HALE, John (MA) - Author (A), Shoemaker (T)
HALE, Robert (MA) - Carpenter (W), Blacksmith (S)
HALL, Joseph (MA) - Grocer (TR)
HALL, Richard (VA) - Merchant (TR)
HALLEY I, Nathaniel (NC) - Carpenter (W)
HAMMER, John (PA) - Maltster (P)
HARCOURT, Richard (RI) - Victualler (TR)
HARDY, Enoch (MA) - Shoemaker (T)
HARDY, William (NC) - Cooper (W)
HARNED, Edward (MA) - Tailor (T)
HARNED, Jonathan (NY) - Cordwainer (T)
HARNDELL, John (RI) - Carpenter (W)
HARRINGTON, Robert (MA) - Cider Miller (TR)
HARRIS, Adria Hoare (VA) - Butner (T)
HARRIS, Thomas (MA) - Tailor (T)
HARRISON, Joseph (NJ) - Cornmiller (P)
HARRISON, Richard (NJ) - Cornmiller (P) ; Sawyer (W)
HART, Lawrence (MA) - Tailor (T)
HASKELL, Benjamin (MA) - Housewright (W)
HATCH, Samuel (MA) - Cordwainer (T)
HATCH, Thomas (MA) - Musician (A)
HATCH, William (MA) - Woolen Draper (TR), Merchant (TR)
HAWES, Edmond (MA) - Cutler (S)
HAWES, James (MA) - Cordwainer (T)
HAWES, Richard (MA) - Glover (T), Tanner (T)
HAYNES, Walter (MA) - Weaver (T)
HAYWOOD, George (MA) - Miller (TR)
HAYWARD, Thomas (MA) - Tailor (T)
HAZARD, Thomas (RI) - Ship's Carpenter (W)
HEARD, Charles (VA) - Blacksmith (S)
HEBARD, Robert (MA) - Salter (P)
HENDRICK, Francis (NC) - Merchant (TR)
HENCHMAN/HINCHMAN, Edmund/Edward (Eng/MA)-Merchant (TR)
HERMANN, Augustine (MD) - Cartographer, Artist (A)
HEUSCHKEL, Benjamin (MD) - Tinsmith (S)
HEVENER, Nicholas (VA) - Cooper (W)
HICKS, Robert (MA) - Fellmonger (T)
HILL, Daniel (CT/MA) - Shipwright (W)
HILLS, Benoni (CT) - Gunsmith (S)
HILLS, Joseph (MA) - Woolen Draper (T)
HILTON, William (MA) - Salter (P)
HINE, Stephen (CT) - Shoemaker (T)
HOBART, Aaron (MA) - Bellfounder (S)
HOGE, William (PA) - Tailor (T)
HOKE, Johan Jacob (PA) - Weaver (T)
HOLBROOK, Peter (MA) - Gristmiller (P), Sawmiller (W)
HOLDRIDGE, William (MA/NH) - Tanner (T)
HOLLEY I, Nathaniel (NC) - Carpenter (W)
HOLLINGSWORTH, Abraham (VA) - Flourmiller (P)
HOLLINGSWORTH, Jacob (PA) - Carpenter (W)
HOLLINGSWORTH, Zebulon (MD) - Flourmiller (P)
HOLLOWELL, Joseph (NC) - Weaver (T)
HOLMES, Obadiah (RI) - Author (A)
HOLMES, Obadiah (MA) - Glassman (W)
HOLT, Nicholas (MA) - Dishturner (W)
HOLYOKE, Edward (MA) - Grocer (TR)
HOPKINS, John (CT) - Miller (TR)
HOPKINS, Stephen (MA) - Merchant (TR), Tanner (T)
HORNBECK, Warner/Warnaar (NY) - Wagonmaker/Wainwright (W), Builder (W)
HOUGHTON, Robert (MA) - Carpenter (W)
HOWARD/HAYWARD, Henry (CT) - Maltster (P)
HOWARD, John (MA) - Carpenter (W)
HOWLAND, Henry (Eng/MA) - Draper (T)
HOWLAND, John (ME) - Trading Post Merchant (TR), Carpenter (W), Merchant (TR)
HOYT, Benjamin (MA) - Blacksmith (S)
HUDSON, Nathaniel (CT) - Baker (P)
HUGHES/HEWES, William (MA) - Author (A)
HUMPHREY, James (MA) - Tanner (T)
HUMPHREY, Jonas (MA) - Tanner (T), Glover (T)
HUNT, Jonathan (MA) - Maltster (P), Cooper (W)
HUNT, William (VA) - Merchant (TR), Wheelwright (W)
HURST, James (MA) - Tanner (T)
HUTCHINSON, William (MA) - Merchant (TR)
INGERSOLL, John (ME) - Carpenter (W)
INNSKEEP, Abraham (NJ) - Wheelwright (W), Blacksmith (S)
IRION, Philip Jacob (VA) - Blacksmith (S)
JACKMAN, William (VA) - Shoemaker (T)
JACKSON, Edmund (MA) - Cordwainer (T)
JACKSON, Edward (MA) - Nailer (S)
JACOB I, John (MD) - Carpenter (W)
JARED, John (VA) - Distiller (P), Wainwright (W)
JAQUES, Henry (MA) - Carpenter (W), Housewright (W)
JEFFERAY, William (RI) - Author (A)
JEFFERSON, Thomas (VA) - Writer (A), Cartographer (A), Architect (A), Author (A), Musician (A)
JENCKES I, Joseph (MA) - Inventor (A)
JENCKES II, Joseph (RI) - Ironworker (S)
JENKINS, Mansfield (VA) - Shoemaker (T}
JEOFFREYS, Robert, (RI) - Merchant (TR)
JOHNSON, Edward (CT) - Author (A)
JOHNSON, Susannah (NC) - Seamstress (T)
JOLLIFFE, John (VA) - Gristmiller (P)
JOLLIFFE, Joseph (VA) - Miller (TR)
JONES, Arthur (VA) - Shoemaker (T)
JONES, Samuel (CT) - Gristmiller (P)
JONES, Thomas (MA) - Tailor (T)
JOY, Thomas (MA) - Architect (A)
JUDKINS, Job (MA) - Sawyer (W)
JUDSON, William (CT) - Ironmonger (W)
KEENE, Thomas (VA) - Cooper (W)
KELLER, George (VA) - Apothecary (P)
KELLOGG, Nathaniel (CT) - Millwright (W)
KEMP, Samuel (MA) - Drummer (A)
KEMPTON I, Ephraim (MA) - Tailor (T)
KENDALL, Francis (MA) - Cornmiller (P)
KENNON, Richard (VA) - Merchant (TR)
KENT, John (MA) - Cooper (W)
KENT I, Richard (MA) - Maltster (P)
KERR, Nathaniel (NC) - Tanner (T)
KERSTETTER, John George, (PA) - Blacksmith (S)
KIMBALL, Richard (MA) - Wheelwright (W)
KIMBERLY, Thomas (CT) - Tailor (T)
KINGSBURY, Joseph (MA) - Housewright (W)
KIP, Hendrick H. (New Amsterdam) - Tailor (T)
KNAPP, Caleb (CT) - Weaver (T)
KNAPP, Nicholas (CT) - Weaver (T)
KNIGHT, Jonathan (NC) - Gristmiller (P)
KNIGHT, John (Eng/MA) - Tailor (T)
KNIGHT, Nathan (ME) - Mason (W)
KNIGHT, Richard (MA) - Tailor (T)
KNIGHT, Robert (ME) - Mason (W)
LACKEY, Thomas (VA) - Cabinetmaker (W), Wheelwright (W)
LADD, Daniel (NH) - Sawmiller (W)
LADSON, John (SC) - Distiller (P)
LAMBERT, Benjamin (MA) - Weaver (T)
LAMBERT I, Jonathan (MA) - Carpenter (W)
LAMBERT II, Jonathan (MA) - Weaver (T)
LAMBERT, Timothy (MA) - Housewright (W)
LANIER II, John (VA) - Cooper (W)
LANE, Job (MA) - Carpenter (W)
LANHAM, John (NC) - Shoemaker (T)
LaPIERRE, John/Jean (NC) - Author (A)
LASSELL, Thomas (MA) - Carpenter (W)
LAY, John (CT) Drummer (A)
LEE, Richard (VA) - Merchant (TR)
LEE, Robert (MA) - Shoemaker (T)
LEE, Thomas (SC) - Carpenter (W)
LEE, William (VA) - Wright (W)
LEFFINGWELL, Thomas (CT) - Merchant (TR)
LEIGH, JOSEPH (MA) - Soaper (P)
LEINBACH, Frederick (MD) - Tailor (T)
LEONARD, James (MA) - Millwright (W), Bloomer (S)
LEONARD, John, Sr. (MD) - Joyner (W)
L'ESPINARD, Antoine (NY) - Baker (P)
LEWIS, Abraham (VA) - Gristmiller (P), Miller (TR)
LEWIS, George (MA) - Clothier (TR)
LIGHT, Peter (VA) - Gun Manufacturer (TR), Blacksmith (S), Gristmiller (P), Sawmiller (W)
LILES I, Henry (NC) - Gristmiller (P)
LINCOLN, Mordecai (MA) - Ironmonger (TR), Gristmiller (P), Sawmiller (W), Blacksmith (S)
LINCOLN, Samuel (MA) - Weaver (T)
LINCOLN, Thomas (MA) - Miller (TR)
LINDLEY, James (PA) - Blacksmith (S)
LINDLEY, Thomas (NC) - Gristmiller (P)
LINE, William (NJ) - Gristmiller (P)
LISSEN, Nicholas (NH) - Sawmiller (W)
LITTLEFIELD, David (ME) - Sawmiller (W)
LITTLEFIELD, Edmund (Eng/ME) - Clothier (T), Gristmiller (P), Sawmiller (W), Vintner (P)
LITTLEFIELD I, Francis (MA) - Sawmiller (W), Cornmiller (P)
LITTLEFIELD II, Francis (ME) - Housewright (W)
LITTLEFIELD, Nehemiah (MA) - Sawmiller (W)
LIVERMORE, Daniel (MA) - Potter (T)
LIVERMORE, John (MA) - Potter (T)
LIVERMORE, Samuel (MA) - Maltster (P)
LOCK, Thomas, Sr. (MA) - Collier (TR)
LOOK, Thomas, II (MA) - Gristmiller (P)
LOOMIS, Joseph (Eng/CT) - Woolen Draper (T)
LORD, Thomas (Eng/CT) - Blacksmith (S)
LOVINGOOD, Harmon (VA) - Tanner (T)
LOW, Thomas (MA - Maltster (P)
LOW I, Thomas (MA) - Maltster (P)
LOW II, Thomas (MA) - Maltster (P)
LOWELL/LOWLE, Percival (MA) - Merchant (TR)
LUSK II, Thomas CT - Carpenter (W)
LYFORD, Thomas (NH) - Millwright (W)
LYLE, William (VA) - Weaver (T)
LYMAN, Gershom Clark (VT) - Writer (A)
LYNCH, Head (VA) - Builder (W)
LYNCH, John (VA) - Joiner (W), Gristmiller (P), Sawmiller (W), Carpenter (W)
LYNDE, Thomas (MA) - Maltster (P)
LYNN, William (NC) - Blacksmith (S)
LYON III, Peter (MA) - Carpenter (W)
MACOMBER, William (MA) - Cooper (W)
MACEY, George (MA) - Writer (A)
MACY I, John (MA) - House Carpenter (W)
MACY, Richard (MA) - Carpenter (W)
MACY, Thomas (MA) - Weaver (T), Millwright (W), Clothier (TR), Merchant (TR)
MACY, Zaccheus (MA) - Millwright (W)
MADDOCK, Joseph (NC) - Gristmiller (P)
MAKEPEACE, Thomas (MA) - Mercer/Merchant Tailor (TR)
MARIS, George (PA) - Shoemaker (T)
MARKLE, Gaspard/Casper (PA) - Gristmiller (P)
MARSCHALK, Andries (NY) - Baker (P)
MARSH, John (MA) - Cordwainer (T)
MARSTON, Ephraim (NH) - Brewer (P)
MARSTON, Manasseh (MA) - Anchorsmith (S), Shoemaker (T)
MARSTON, John (MA) - Carpenter (W)
MARTIN, George B. (MA) - Blacksmith (S)
MARTIAU, Nicholas (VA) - Fort Builder (W)
MARVIN, Matthew (CT) - Wheelwright (W)
MASON, Hugh (MA) - Tanner (T)
MASON, Isaac (MA) - Shoemaker (T)
MASON, John (CT) - Author (A)
MASON I, Joseph (MA) - Tanner (T)
MASON II, Joseph (MA) - Tanner (T)
MASON I, Josiah (MA) - Housewright (W)
MASON, Sampson (MA) - Shoemaker (T)
MASTERSON, Richard (MA) - Woolcomber (T)
MATERNE, Jean Adam (LA) - Weaver (T)
MATHER, Richard (MA) - Author (A)
MATTHEWS, Hugh (VA) - Miller (TR), Distiller (P)
MATTHEWS, Joseph (NC) - Carpenter (W)
MATLACK, William (NJ) - Carpenter (W)
MAUPIN, Gabriel (VA) - Harnessmaker (T)
MAXON, Richard (RI) - Blacksmith (S)
MAYBERRY, William (MA) - Blacksmith (S)
MAYHEW, Thomas (MA) - Merchant (TR), Miller (TR)
MCCANN, Robert (VA) - Weaver (T)
MCCARTER, James (GA) - Hatter (T)
MCCRILLIS, Daniel (NH) - Weaver (T)
MCGEE, Thomas (MA) - Weaver (T)
MCLEAN, William (NC) - Joyner (W)
MEIGS, John (MA/CT) - Shoemaker (T)
MELLOT, Jean Pierre (NJ) - Blacksmith (S)
MELYN, Cornelius (NY) - Author (A)
MENDENHALL, John (PA) - Miller (TR)
MERRICK, Thomas, Jr. (MA) - Naval Stores Producer (W)
MERRILL, Daniel (MA) - Carpenter (W)
MERRILL, Peter (MA) - Weaver (T)
MESERVE, Clement (NH) - Joyner (W)
METCALF, Michael (MA) - Dornick Weaver (T)
MILLAR, William (NY) - Cordwainer (T)
MILLER, James (MA) - Baker (P)
MILLER, Simon (VA) - Shipwright (W)
MILLER I, William (MA) - Tanner (T)
MILLER II, William (CT) - Tanner (T)
MILLETT, Thomas (MA) - Tailor (T)
MILLHOUSE, John (SC) - Millwright (W), Gristmiller (P)
MILLHOUSE, Robert (SC) - Sawmiller (W), Gristmiller (P)
MITCHELL, John (VA) - Merchant (TR)
MITCHELL, Thomas (RI) - Hatter (T)
MONTFORT, Peter (NY) - Laceworker (T)
MOODY, William (MA) - Saddler (T), Farrier (S)
MORGAN, Edward (PA) - Tailor (T)
MORRILL, Abraham (MA) - Iron Founder (S), Cornmiller (P), Blacksmith, (S)
MORRIS, Thomas (SC) - Miller (TR)
MORTON, George - Merchant (TR), Author (A)
MORTON, Richard (MA) - Blacksmith (S)
MOTT, Adam (MA) - Blacksmith (S), Tailor (T)
MOULD, Hugh (CT) - Shipwright (W)
MOULDS, Walter (NJ) - Coppersmith (S)
MOULTON, Robert (MA) - Shipwright (W)
MOULTON, William, NH - Silversmith (A)
MUDGE, Ebenezer (CT) - Ironmonger (TR), Sawmiller (W), Gristmiller(P)
MUNSON, Robert (ME) - Sawmiller (W)
NAIL Daniel (SC) - Blacksmith (S)
NAIL, William (SC) - Blacksmith (S)
NASH, James (MA) - Shoemaker (T)
NASH, Thomas (CT) - Gunsmith (S), Blacksmith (S)
NEEDHAM, Thomas, (MA) - Joyner (W)
NELSON, John (VA) - Blacksmith (S)
NEVILLE, George (VA) - Gristmiller (P)
NEVIUS, Joannes (NY) - Merchant (TR)
NEW, Anthony (VA) - Chairmaker (W)
NEWMAN, Samuel (MA) - Author (A)
NEWTON, Thomas (CT) - Carpenter (W)
NICE, Cornelius (PA) - Distiller (P)
NICE, Jan (PA) - Silversmith (S)
NICHOLS, Thomas (MA) - Shipwright (W)
NICHOLS, Walter (MA) - Clothier (TR)
NICKERSON. William (MA) - Weaver (T)
NOBLE, Matthew (MA) - Cordwainer (T)
NORMAN, John (MA) - Shipwright (W), Carpenter (W)
NORTON, George (ME) - Shipwright (W)
NORTON, Nicholas (MA) - Tanner (T)
NORWOOD, Joshua (MA) - Mooring Stone Maker (W)
NURSE, Francis (MA) - Traymaker (W)
NOYES, James (MA) - Author (A)
NOYES, John (MA) - Carpenter (W)
O'BANNON, Bryan (VA) - Merchant (TR)
OGLE, Alexander (MD) - Flourmiller (P)
OLD(S), Robert (CT) - Mason (W)
OLINGER, George (PA) - Weaver (T)
ORGIN, Isaac (MA) - Cook (P)
ORGIN, Isaac (MA) - Musician (A)
OSBORNE, Thomas (CT) - Tanner (T)
OSGOOD, Christopher (MA - Brickmaker (W)
OSGOOD, William (MA) - Sawmiller (W)
OVERMAN, Charles (NC) - Blacksmith (S)
OVERMAN, Jacob (NC) - Bricklayer (W)
PACE, Richard (VA) - Carpenter (W)
PADDOCK, Robert (MA) - Blacksmith (S)
PAGE, Isaac (MA) - Bricklayer (W)
PAGE, John (VA) - Author (A)
PAGE, Thomas (ME) - Tailor (T)
PAINE, Elisha (MA) - Salter (P)
PAINE, Thomas (MA) - Cooper (W)
PAINE, Thomas (NH) - Merchant (TR)
PALMER, Job (SC) - Musician (A), Carpenter (W)
PALMER, William (MA) - Nailer (S)
PARKE, Richard (MA) - Miller (TR)
PARKER, Edward (CT) - Butcher (P)
PARKER I, John (VA) - Cordwainer (T)
PARMENTER I, John (MA) - Tailor (T)
PARMENTER II, John (MA) - Tailor (T)
PARSONS, Mary Bliss (MA) - Merchant (TR)
PARSONS, Elihu (ME) - Housewright (W)
PARSONS, John (ME) - Shoemaker (T), Tanner (T)
PARSONS I, Joseph (MA) - Ironmonger (S), Merchant (TR), (ME) - Blacksmith (S)
PARSONS II, Joseph MA/CT - Gristmiller (P)
PARSONS, Richard (VA) - Blacksmith (S), Gristmiller (P)
PARTRIDGE, George (MA) - Tailor (T)
PATTEE, Peter (MA) - Cordwainer (T)
PAYNE, Stephen (MA) - Miller (TR)
PEARCE, John (RI) - Mason (W)
PEERCE I, John (MD) - Apothecary (P)
PELL, Joseph (MA) - Butcher (P)
PELS, Evert (NY) - Trader (TR), Brewer (P)
PERKINS, Abraham (MA) - Distiller (P)
PERKINS III, Luke (MA) - Blacksmith (S)
PERKINS, Stephens (MA) - Cordwainer (T)
PHELPS, Azor (MA) - Blacksmith (S)
PHILLIPS, George (MA) - Writer (A)
PHILLIPS, Jonas (NY) - Butcher (P)
PHILLIPS, Henry (MA) - Vintner (TR), Butcher (P)
PHILLIPS, William (MA) - Vintner (TR)
PHIPPEN, David (MA) - Carpenter (W)
PHIPPEN, Joseph (ME) - Ship Blockmaker (W), Carpenter (W)
PICKETT, Henry (VA) - Cooper (W)
PIERCE, John (MA) - Cooper (W), Weaver (T)
PIERCE, Richard (ME) - Carpenter (W)
PIERSON, Joseph (NJ) - Miller (TR)
PIERSON, Thomas (CT) - Weaver (T)
PINKHAM, Richard I (NH) - Drummer (A)
PITKIN I, William (CT) - Fort Builder (W)
PITKIN I, William (CT) - Author (A), Gristmiller (P), Sawmiller (W)
PITKIN II, William (CT) - Fuller (T)
PLUMER, Francis (MA) - Linen Weaver (T)
POFFENBERGER, John (MD) - Blacksmith (S)
POND, William (MA) - Carpenter (W)
POOL, John (MA) - Carpenter (W), Shipwright (W)
POOL(E), William (VA) - Joyner (W)
POOLE, Edward (MA) - Sawyer (W)
PORTER, Israel (MA) - Sawmiller (W)
PORTER, John (MA) - Sawmiller (W), Tanner (T)
PORTER, Patrick (VA) - Millwright (W), Gristmiller (P)
PORTER, Patrick (VA) - Fort Builder (W)
POST, Abraham (CT) - Trader (TR)
POST, Jotham, (NY) - Weaver (T)
POST, Stephen (CT) - Carpenter (W) Cooper (W)
POTTS, Thomas (NJ) - Tanner (T)
POWELL, Dempsey (NC) - Gristmiller (P)
POWELL, Walter (MD) - Tailor (T)
POYAS, John/Jean Louis (SC) - Silk Maker (T)
PRAY, Quinton (MA) - Ironworker (S)
PRENCE, Thomas (ME) - Merchant (TR)
PRESCOTT, John (MA) - Blacksmith (S)
PRIEST, Degory (MA) - Hatter (T)
PROCTOR I, John (MA) - Draper (T)
PROU, Cyprian (VA) - Tailor (T)
PUGH, Ellis (PA) - Author (A)
PUGH, Thomas (PA) - Stone Worker (W)
PURCELL, John (NY) - Butcher (P)
PURDY, Daniel (NY) - Drummer (A)
PUTNAM, John (MA) - Ironmonger (TR)
QUINBY (QUIMBY), Robert (MA) - Shipwright (W)
RAINSFORD, Edward (MA) - Merchant (TR)
RAKESTRAW I, Thomas (PA) - Brewer (P)
RAKESTRAW II, Thomas (PA) - Cordwainer (T)
RAKESTRAW, William (ENG/PA) - Maltster (P), Hairweaver (T), Pamphleteer (A)
RANDALL, John (MA) - Wheelwright (W)
RANDALL, William (MA) - Cordwainer (T)
RATHBUN I, John (RI) - Merchant (TR)
RATHBUN II, John (RI) Blacksmith (S), Carpenter (W),Shoemaker (T)
RATHBUN I, Valentine (MA) - Writer (A), Fuller (T)
READE, Esdras (MA) - Brewer (P)
REBER, Johann Georg (PA) - Mason (W)
REDFIELD, James (CT) - Weaver (T)
REDFIELD, Samuel (CT) - Fifer (A)
REDFIELD, Theophilus (CT) - Joiner (W)
REMBERT I, Andrew (SC) - Shoemaker (T)
REMBERT II, Andrew (SC) - Shoemaker (T)
REMY I, Jacob (VA) - Carpenter (W)
REX, George (PA) - Blacksmith (S)
RHOADS, Henry (PA) - Gunsmith (S)
RICE, Thomas (ME) - Shipwright (W)
RICE, Thomas, Jr. (ME) - Shipwright (W)
RICHARDS, Thomas (MA) - Merchant (TR)
RICHMOND, Edward (RI) - Gunsmith (S)
RICHMOND, John (MA, RI, ME) - Trading Post Merchant (TR)
RICHTER, Hans Jacob (VA) - Smelter (S)
RICKETTS, Evan (MD) - Wheelwright (W)
RICKETTS, Thomas (MA) - Merchant (TR)
RIEGEL, Johannes (PA) - Gristmiller (P)
RIGGS, Thomas (MA) - Sawmiller (W), Gristmiller (P)
RITTENHOUSE, William (PA) - Papermaker (T)
ROBERT, Peter (SC) - Tanner (T)
ROBERTS, Daniel (ME) - Mason (W)
ROBERTS, Thomas (Eng/(NH) - Fishmonger (TR)
ROBERTSON, Samuel (NJ) - Blacksmith (S)
ROBINS, Edward (Eng/VA) - Merchant (TR)
ROBINSON, Thomas (VA) - Blacksmith (S)
ROCKHOLD, Robert (MD) - Gunsmith (S)
ROGERS, James (CT) - Baker (P)
ROGERS, John (VA) - Weaver (T)
ROGERS, Samuel (CT) - Baker (P)
ROGERS, Thomas (Holland) - Merchant (TR)
ROOT I, John (CT) - Weaver (T)
ROOT, Josiah (CT) - Apothecary (P)
ROOT, Thomas (CT/MA) - Weaver (T)
ROOTS, Josiah (MA) - Drummer (A)
ROSE, Daniel (PA) - Clockmaker (S), Musician (A)
ROTHROK, Philip (PA) - Printer (TR)
ROUTSONG, Conrad (NJ) - Fifer (A)
ROYALL, Joseph (VA) - Tailor (T)
RUGER/REX, Jorg/George (PA) - Blacksmith (S)
RUGGLES, George (MA) - Weaver (T)
RUNDLE I, Samuel (CT) - Carpenter (W)
RUSSELL, Joseph (MA) - Carpenter (W)
RUSSELL I, William (MA) - Carpenter (W), Tailor (T)
SAMUELS, Shadrach (VA) - Blacksmith (S)
SANBORN, Tristram (NH) - Fort Builder (W)
SANBOURNE, Daniel (VA) - Carpenter (W)
SANFORD, Andrew (CT) - Pumpmaker (W)
SAXTON, Thomas (MA) - Miller (TR)
SAWTELL, Zachariah (MA) - Blacksmith (S)
SAWYER I, James (MA) - Weaver (T)
SAWYER II, James (MA) - Sailmaker (T)
SAWYER, Thomas (MA) Blacksmith (S)
SAYWARD, Henry (MA/NH/ME) - Cornmiller (P), (ME) - Sawmiller (W), (ME) - Gristmiller (P), Wheelwright (W)
SAYWARD, James (ME) - Joyner (W)
SAYWARD, John (ME) - Millwright (W), Carpenter (W)
SAYWARD, Mary Peasley (ME) - Sawmiller (W)
SCHIRMAN/SCHURMAN, Simon (PA) - Saddler (T)
SCHOLL, John Nicholas (PA) - Gristmiller (P)
SCHOR/SHORE John (NC) - Millwright (W)
SCOTT, Adam, (RI) - Tailor (T)
SCRUGGS, Thomas (MA) - Butcher (P)
SCULLARD, Samuel (MA) - Gristmiller (P)
SENSION/St. John, Matthew (ENG) - Chandler (P)
SEVERANCE, John (MA) - Vintner (TR), Victualler (TR)
SHARP, John (NJ) - Tailor (T)
SHARP I, William (VA) - Hatter (T)
SHATTUCK, William (MA) - Weaver (T)
SHAUL, Peter (VA) - Blacksmith (S)
SHAW, Abraham (MA) - Cornmiller (P), (MA) - Clothier (TR)
SHAW, Anthony (RI) - Carpenter (W)
SHAW, John (MA) - Tailor (T)
SHAW, Jonathan (MA) - Wheelwright (W)
SHEPARD, Ralph (MA) - Tailor (T)
SHERMAN, Edmund IV (CT) - Shearman (T)
SHERWOOD, Thomas (CT) - Carpenter (W)
SHINE, Daniel (NC) - Cooper (W)
SHIRCLIFFE, John (MD) - Tailor (T)
SIKES, Noah (MA) - Musician (A), Blacksmith (S)
SIKES, Richard (MA) - Miller (TR)
SILVESTER, Amos (MA) - Blacksmith (S)
SKINNER, Abner (NY) - Blacksmith (S)
SLOCUM, Anthony (MA) - Ironmonger (TR)
SMALL, Joseph, ME - Gristmiller (P)
SMITH, Abijah (2) (MA) - Shoemaker (T)
SMITH, Bernard (NJ) - Ironmonger (TR)
SMITH, Edward (MA) - Gunsmith (S)
SMITH I, Evi (NJ) - Sawmiller (W), Millwright (W), Gristmiller (P)
SMITH, James (MA) - Blacksmith (S)
SMITH, Jeremiah (VA) - Pavior (W)
SMITH, Nehemiah (CT) - Weaver (T)
SMITH I, Richard (RI) - Trading Post Merchant (TR)
SMITH, Robert (MA) - Tailor (T)
SMOOT, William (ND) - Carpenter (W)
SNOW, Anthony (MA) - Feltmaker (T)
SNOW, Nicholas (MA) - Carpenter (W)
SOMERVELL, John (Eng/MD) - Merchant (TR)
SOUTHER/SOWTHER, Joseph (MA) - Cooper (W)
SOUTHWICK, Lawrence (MA) - Glassblower (A)
SPARROW, Smith (VA) - Shipwright (W)
SPEER. Robert, NC - Carpenter (W); Miller (TR)
SPRAGUE, Jonathan - Carpenter (W)
SQUIRE, Philip (MA/RI) - Distiller (P)
STAINES, Richard (MA) - Sailmaker (T)
STANDISH, Myles (ME) - Merchant (TR)
STANTON, Thomas (CT) - Merchant (TR)
STANYARNE, Thomas (SC) - Tanner (T)
STARBUCK, Edward (MA) - Sawmiller/Mason, Millwright, Builder (W)
STARBUCK, Mary Coffin (MA) - Merchant (TR), Pamphleteer (A)
STARBUCK, Nathaniel (MA) - Merchant(TR),Mason/Housewright (W)
STEARNS, Isaac (MA) - Tailor (T)
STEARNS, John (MA) - Housewright (W), Blacksmith (S)
STEARNS, Thomas (MA) - Housewright (W)
STEDMAN, Isaac (MA) - Gristmiller (P)
STEWART, James MA - Carpenter (W)
STEWARD I, John (VA) - Glover (T)
STEWART, Duncan (MA) - Shipwright (W)
STEWART, James (MA) - Wigmaker (T)
STIDDEM, Dr. Timen (DE) - Apothecary (P)
STILES, Robert (NJ) - Rosin Maker (W)
STOCKBRIDGE, John (MA) - Gristmiller (P), Wheelwright (W)
STONE, John (CT) - Mason (W)
STOOTHOFF, Elbert Elbertsz (NY) - Merchant (TR)
STOVALL, Bartholomew (VA) - Merchant (TR)
STRAYHORN, Gilbert (NC) - Tailor (T)
STREET, Nicholas (MA) - Author (A)
STRINGFELLOW, William (VA) - Locksmith (S)
STRONG, Jedediah (MA) - Musician (A)
STRONG I, John (MA) - Tanner (T)
STRONG II, John (MA) - Joyner (W)
SUTTON, John (MA) - Carpenter (W)
SWAIN, John (MA) - Fuller (T) Mason (W)
SWEETSER, Seth (Eng/MA) - Shoemaker (T)
SWETT. Joshua (MA/ME) - Joiner (W)
SWETT, Stephen (MA) - Tailor (T)
SYMONDS, Harlakenden (NH) - Sawmiller (W)
SYMONDS, John (MA) - Joiner (W)
SYMONDS, Samuel (NH) - Sawmiller (W)
SYNG II, Philip (PA) - Silversmith (A)
TABER, Philip (MA) - Sawyer (S)
TALBOT, John (MD) - Carpenter (W)
TALLMAN, Peter (RI) - Apothecary (P)
TARBOX, John (MA) - Ironmonger (TR)
TARR, Richard (MA) - Lumberman (TR)
TATE, James (VA) - Tailor (T)
TAYLOR, Abraham (2) (MA) - Blacksmith (S)
TAYLOR, Charity (VA) - Spinner (T)
TAYLOR II, John (VA) - Linen Mfg. (T)
TAYLOR III, John (VA) - Linen Mfg. (T)
TEMPLE, Richard, (MA) - Sawmiller (W)
TEN EYCK, Coenraet (NY) - Shoemaker (T)
TEN EYCK, Mathys, NY - Weaver (T) ; Cooper (W) ; Miller (TR)
TERHUNE, Albert Albertse (NY) - Lintwercker (T)
TERRELL, John (CT) - Carpenter (W)
TERRY, Nathaniel (VA) - Fort Builder (W)
THOMPSON, John (CT) - Nailer (S)
THORNE, Joseph (NJ) - Weaver (T)
THORP, Abner (NJ) - Marl Producer (TR)
TIDD, Joshua (MA - Trader (TR)
TILDEN, Nathaniel (MA) - Apiarian (P)
TILEY, John (MA) - Silkweaver (T)
TILTON, Daniel (NH) - Blacksmith (S)
TODD, Christopher (CT) - Baker (P), Miller (TR)
TODD, John (MA) - Merchant (TR)
TODD, Michael (MD) - Cordwainer (T)
TOLMAN, Thomas (MA) - Wheelwright (W)
TOMSON, Lt. John (MA) - Architect (A)
TOPPAN, Abraham (MA) - Cooper (W)
TOPPAN, Abraham (MA) - Merchant (TR)
TOPPAN, Peter (MA) - Tanner (T)
TOPPAN, Peter (MA) - Pickled Sturgeon Producer (P)
TOWNE, William (MA) - Gardener (TR)
TRACY, Thomas (CT) - Ships' Carpenter (W)
TRACY, Stephen (Holland) - Sayworker (T)
TRASK, Elias (MA) - Blacksmith (S)
TRASK, John (MA) - Cornmiller (P)
TRASK, William (MA) - Cornmiller (P), Gristmiller (P), Fuller (T)
TREADWAY, Nathaniel (MA) - Weaver (T)
TREAT, Richard (CT) - Merchant (TR)
TRIPP, John (RI) - Carpenter (W)
TRUE, Henry (NH) - Carpenter (W)
TUCK, John (NH) - Miller (TR)
TUCK, Robert (NH) - Vintner (TR), Tailor (T)
TUCKER, Samuel (VA) - Trader (TR)
TURNER, Humphrey (MA) - Tanner (T)
TURNER, John (MA) - Tanner (T)
TURELL I, Daniel MA - Blacksmith (S)
TURRELL II, Daniel (MA) - Blacksmith (S)
TUTHILL, Nathaniel (NY) - Weaver (T)
TUTTLE, Thomas (CT) - Cooper (W)
TUTTLE, William (CT) - Merchant (TR)
TWINING, Stephen (PA) - Gristmiller (P)
TWISS/TWIST, Peter (MA) - Farrier (S)
UNDERHILL, John (MA) - Baker (P), (Eng/MA) - Author (A), (Eng/MA) - Baker (P)
UNTHANK, Joseph (NC) - Author (A)
VAN BUSKIRK, Lauren A. (NY) - Draper (T)
VAN CLEEF, Isabrant (NY) - Butcher (P)
VAN COUWENHOVEN,, Pieter Wolfertz (NY) - Brewer (P)
VAN DER COELEN, Reynier (DE) - Baker (P)
VAN DOVERACKE, I, Henry F. (VA) - Cooper (W)
VAN HOECK, Arent I. (NY) - Shoemaker (T)
VAN NESTE, Pieter P. (NY) - Carpenter (W)
VAN SWE(A)RINGEN, Garrett (MD) - Writer (A), Brewer (P)
VAN VOOREHEES, Steven Coerte (NY) - Brewer (P)
VAN VOORHEES, Garret (NJ) - Blacksmith (S)
VARLET, Caspar (NY/CT) - Silkmaker (T), Distiller (P)
VARNEY, William (MA) - Pinner (S)
VASSALL, William (MA) - Oyster Bed Proprietor (P)
VINSON, William (MA) - Potter (T), Gristmiller (P)
VINTON, John (MA) - Finer (S)
WAKEFIELD, John (CT) - Miller (TR)
WALDO, Daniel (MA) - Cornmiller (P)
WALES, Nathaniel (MA) - Weaver (T)
WALFORD, Thomas (MA) - Blacksmith (S)
WALLIS, James (MA) - Weaver (T)
WALSER, Gasper (PA) - Tailor (T)
WARNER, Andrew (CT/MA) - Maltster (P)
WARREN, John (NH) - Cardmaker (A)
WARREN, Richard (MA) - Merchant (TR)
WASHBURN, Ebenezer (CT) - Blacksmith (S)
WATERHOUSE, Joseph, ME - Drummer (A)
WATERMAN, Elizabeth Bourne, (MA) - Bone Lacemaker(T)
WATSON, Samuel (NC) - Saddler (T)
WEARE, Peter (ME) - Furrier (TR)
WEBB, Merry (VA) - Gristmiller (P)
WEBB, William (MA) - Baker (P)
WEBSTER, Jonathan (CT) - Merchant (TR)
WEEKS, Supply (MA) - Shoemaker (T)
WEEKS, Thomas (MA) - Cabinetmaker (W)
WELBORN, Edward (MD) - Blacksmith (S)
WELBORN, William (MD) - Blacksmith (S)
WELD, Joseph (MA) - Mercer (TR)
WELD, Thomas (MA) - Author (A)
WELLS I, Richard (GA) - Clockmaker (W)
WESSON, Edward (VA) - Miller (TR)
WESTERCAMP, Hendrick Janse (NY) - Baker (P)
WHEELER, Thomas (MA) - Writer (A)
WHEELWRIGHT, John (MA) - Author (A)
WHITACRE, John (NJ) - Gristmiller (P)
WHITE, Chilion (VA) - Carpenter (W)
WHITE, Henry (NC) - Cooper (W)
WHITE, Jeremiah (VA) - Gristmiller (P)
WHITE, William (MA) - Woolcarder (T)
WHITING, Nathaniel (MA) - Miller (TR)
WHITNEY, Henry (CT) - Millwright (W)
WHITNEY, John (Eng/MA) - Tailor (T)
WHITTEMORE, John (MA) - Wheelwright (W)
WIGHTMAN, George, (RI) - Tailor (T)
WIGHTMAN, Valentine, (RI) - Author (A)
WILCOX, Edward (RI) - Trading Post Merchant (TR)
WILBORE, Samuel, (MA) - Ironmonger (S), Merchant (TR), Millwright (W), Trader (TR), Builder (W)
WILKINSON, Lewis (CT) - Clothier (T)
WILLARD, Simon (MA) - Fur Trader (TR)
WILLET, Edward (MD) - Pewterer (S)
WILLETT I, Williams (MA) - Miller (TR)
WILLIAMS, George (VA) - Tailor (T)
WILLIAMS, Joseph (RI) - Cooper (W)
WILLIAMS, Matthew (NJ) - Mason (W)
WILLIAMS, Richard (MA) - Tanner (T), Writer (A)
WILLIAMS, Roger (RI) - Author (A); Trading Post Merchant (TR)
WILLIAMS II, William (NC) - Cabinetmaker (W)
WILLIS, Samuel (NJ) - Blacksmith (S)
WILSON, Gowen (MA) - Miller (TR)
WILSON, Joseph (ME) - Housewright (W), Sawmiller (W)
WINSLOW, Job (MA) Shipwright (W)
WINSLOW, John (MA) - Merchant (TR)
WINSLOW, Kenelm (MA) - Joyner (W)
WITHINGTON, Henry (MA) - Blacksmith (S)
WOLCOTT, John (CT) - Blacksmith (S)
WOOD, Edward (MA) - Baker (P)
WOOD, Jonathan (MA) - Cordwainer (T)
WOOD, Thomas (MA) - Carpenter (W)
WOODBRIDGE, John (MA) - Poet (A)
WOODBRIDGE, Mercy Dudley (MA) - Poetess (A)
WOODSON, Daniel (NC) - Blacksmith (S)
WOODSON, John (VA) - Wheelwright (W)
WOODSON II, John (VA) - Carpenter (W), Wheelwright (W)
WOODWARD, Ezekial (MA) - Carpenter (W)
WOODWARD I, Nathaniel (MA) - Carpenter (W)
WOODWARD II, Nathaniel (MA) - Carpenter (W), Ironmonger (TR)
WOODWARD, Henry (MA) - Miller (TR)
WOOLEY, Christopher (MA) - Weaver (T)
WORMWOOD, William (ME) - Carpenter (W)
WORTH, William (MA) - Blacksmith (S)
WRIGHT, Job (NY) - Housewright (W)
WRIGHT, Richard (MA) - Gristmiller (P)
WRIGHT, Wingfield (VA) - Shoemaker (T)
WYETH I, Nicholas (MA) - Miller (TR)
ZANE, Robert, (Eng/IRE/NJ) - Sergemaker (T)
ZOLLINGER, Jacob (PA) - Miller (TR)

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