Guild's Dictionary of Colonial Arts and Trades


Actor a theatrical performer A
Actress a female actor, a theatrical performer A
Alabasterer one who worked with alabaster W
All Spice grocer TR
Aeronaut balloonist or a trapeze artist A
Amber Cutter one who cut ambergris (stone) W
Anchor Smith one who made anchors S
Angle Iron Smith one who made angle iron, i.e. flat iron bars bent at right angles lengthwise S
Antigropelosmaker one who made waterproof leggings T
Anvil Smith one who made anvils and hammers for Blacksmiths S
Apiarian/Apiarist beekeeper P
Apiariana female beekeeper P
Apothecary one who dealt in medicines and drugs; owned an apothecary. P
Archilmaker one who made a violet dye from lichensfor textiles T
Architect one who designs buildings and advises in their construction A
Arkwright a skilled craftsman who produced arks (wooden chest or coffers) W
Armourer one who made suits of armor or plates of armor for buildings or ships S
Artificer blacksmith and/or one who made fuses, grenades, shells, etc. S
Augermaker one who made the carpenters augers for boring holes in wood W
Aurifaber/Aurifex a goldsmith [dual trade - see Rules for Assignment of MGT]A/S
Author the writer of literary works, sermons manuscripts, etc. A
Axel Treemaker /Axel Tree Turner one who made axles for coaches & wagons W
Backmaker one who made 'backs', i.e. vats, Tubs, a cooper W
Backman baker P
Backster originally a female baker, later a baker of either sex P
Badger corn or gristmiller P
Badgy Fiddler boy trumpeter in military A
Baker one who prepares food by baking P
Balladeer singer of ballads A
Balladmonger a seller of ballads TR
Bard poet or minstrel A
Barker a tanner T
Basil Worker one who worked with sheep and goat skins T
Basketmaker/ Basket Man one who made baskets and furniture from wicker T
Battmaker one who made the wadding used in quilt and mattress making T
Battledoremaker one who made beaters used to remove dust from clothing, carpets, etc. W
Baxter a baker P
Bayweaver one who made bay (a fine woolen fabric also known as baize) T
Beater one who cleansed and thickened cloth by treading it underwater with fullers T
Beaver one who made felt for hats T
Beck/Becker a baker P
Bedder upholster T
Bedweaver one who made webbing for bed frames; a person who wove coverlet/quilts T
Beeskepmaker beehive maker T
Beekeeper one who kept bees for their honey P
Bellfounder/Belter /Billiter one who made bells S
Bellows Maker one who made bellows used for organs or to fan blacksmith fires T
Belly Builder one who built and fitted the interiors of pianos W
Besom Maker one who made brooms T
Bever beverage maker P
Binder one who bound items - books, hats, etc. T
Blackingmaker one who made polish for shoes T
Black Borderer one who made black-edged stationery for funeral cards A
Blacksmith one who worked with iron (Vulcan/ Farrier/Artificer/etc) S
Bladesmith sword or knife maker S
Blockcutter one who made wooden blocks used in the hat trade W
Blockmaker one who engraved blocks used in the printing trade A
Block Printer one who used blocks for printing TR
Blocker one who shaped a hat on a wooden block T
Bloomer one who produced iron from ore; a bloomsmithy S
Bloomsmithy one who produced iron from ore; a bloomer S
Blower a glass blower A
Bluestocking a female writer A
Boardwright a carpenter W
Boatwright one who builds wooden boats W
Bobbin Lacemaker see Bone Lacemaker T
Bocher butcher P
Bodeysmaker/ Body Maker one who made bodices for women's garments T
Bodger one who made wooden chair legs and spars W
Bone Button Turner one who made buttons from bone using a lathe T
Bone Lacemaker one who made lace by braiding & twisting lengths of thread on bobbins made of bone. (Also Pillow Lace- maker or Bobbin Lacemaker) T
Book Guilder one who decorated books with gold leaf A
Bookseller owner of a bookstore; one who sold books TR
Boothman corn merchant TR
Borlera one who made cheap coarse clothing T
Botcher (1) a cobbler
(2) a tailor [not a dual trade, both definitions have the same MGT]
Bottiler/Bottler one who made leather containers for holding liquids such as wine casks or water bottles T
Bowler one who made bowls and dishes or the rounded parts of spoons in wood to be used for casting W
Bowyer one who sold bows TR
Brabener a weaver T
Brasiator a brewer of ale (a brewer) P
Brass Cutter one who made copperplate engravings S
Brass Founder/ Brass Worker one who cast brass S
Brass Smith Brazierv one who worked with brass S
Breachmaker one who made the breach for guns W
Brewer one who makes ale/beer P
Brewster a female brewer P
Brickburner /Brickmaker one who uses a kiln to make bricks W
Bricklayer one who constructs buildings or objects of brick W
Brightsmith tinsmith S
Broadcloth Weaver one who operated a wide loom for weaving T
Brogger wool merchant TR
Broom Dasher a dealer in/seller of brooms TR
Broom Squire/ Broom Maker one who made brooms of birch branch bundles T
Browdere/Broiderer an embroiderer T
Brownsmith one who worked with copper or brass S
Buckle Tongue Maker one who makes the metal points that fit in the holes of a belt S
Buckler/Bucklesmith one who made buckles S
Builder one who built or contracted to build W
Bumboat Man one who met ships at anchor with goods to sell TR
Bureler one who made borel (a woolen cloth with a coarse feel) T
Burnisher one who polished metal S
Busheler a tailors assistant T
Busker a street entertainer A
Bushelmaker a cooper W
Bussmaker a maker of guns S
Butcher one who slaughters and dresses meat for market P
Butner one who made buttons T



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