Guild's Dictionary of Colonial Arts and Trades


Cabinetmaker one who is skilled in furniture making, i.e. cabinets & desks, etc. W
Cainer one who made walking sticks W
Calker a magician A
Cambricmaker one who made fine linen or cotton fabric called cambric T
Candlemaker/ Candler one who dealt in candles P
Candy Man an itinerant candy salesman TR
Caner a person who made the seats for chairs out of woven cane T
Canvaser one who dealt in canvas T
Caper a cap maker T
Cardmaker the maker of playing cards A
Carnifex a butcher P
Carpenter one who worked with wood W
Cartographer maker of detailed, artistically drawn maps A
Cart Wheeler one who made wheels for carts W
Cartwright one who made carts or wagons W
Carver one who worked as an engraver, sculptor or carver A
Caster/Castor a maker of small bottles used for as salt, sugar, pepper, spice sprinklers W
Cat Whipper itinerant cobbler T
Chairmaker one who specialized in wood working often making chairs in the Windsor style W
Chaise one who make wicker carts T
Chaloner blanket maker T
Chandler one who dealt in soap, candles and provisions P
Chapeler/ Chapemaker one who made hats T
Chapman an itinerant peddler or one who kept a booth in a marketplace TR
Chaser engraver A
Chaunter street entertainer who sung ballads A
Cheeseman/ Cheesemonger cheese dealer TR
Chinglor one who used or made wooden shingles W
Chip shipwright or carpenter W
Clockmaker one who made or repaired clocks S
Chowder fishmonger TR
Cissor tailor T
Clogger one who made wooden shoes W
Clothier/Clothesman (1) one who made clothes
(2) one who sold clothes [dual trade - see Rules for Assignment of MGT]
Clothmaker one who made cloth T
Clothworker one who cuts or makes items from cloth T
Clower/Clouter one who made nails (a nailer) S
Cobbler one who repaired or made shoes T
Codman fish seller TR
Cogman one who bought or sold coarse cloth called cogware TR
Coiner one who coined money S
Collarmaker one who made collars on clothing T
Collier a coal merchant TR
Colporteur a traveling Bible or religious book salesman TR Colourator/ Colour Man one who mixed dyes in the textile trade T
Composer one who writes music or composes lyrics for music A
Compositor a printer TR
Confectioner a maker of sweets; sometimes one who made medicines or poisons P
Cook one who prepares food for eating P
Cooper/Cuper one who made or repaired wooden, casks, kegs, or tubs W Copperbeater/ Copperbeter one who works in copper metal (coppersmith) W
Copperbeater/ Copperbeter one who works in copper metal (coppersmith) S
Coppersmith one who works in copper metal S
Coraclemaker one who made coracies (a small round boat used for fishing) W
Cordwainer/ Cordiner/Corviner /Corvisor terms originally used for one who worked in Cordovan, a special leather from Spain T
Cork Cutter one who worked with cork T
Cornmiller a miller who ground corn into meal P
Costermonger fruit seller TR
Coteler/Cotyler one who made and repaired knives S
Couranteer newspaper publisher TR
Cowper one who made wooden items W
Cramer a peddler who sold books; a hawker of books TR
Crimpetmaker one who baked crumpets P
Crocker one who made crockery, a potter T
Crookmaker a person skilled in making Shepard's crooks and walking sticks W
Currier one who curries/prepares or dresses leather for another trade T
Cutler one who dealt in, made or sharpened knives,scissors and cutting instruments S
Depater precious metal refiner S
Dexter a dyer T
Disher/Dishthrower a person who made pottery bowls and dishes T
Dishturner one who made wooden bowls and dishes W
Distiller a maker of alcoholic beverages through the process of distillation P
Dornick Weaver one who weaves curtains, carpets and wall hangings T
Draper/Woolen (1) maker of woolen cloth T
Draper (2) dealer of cloths of all kinds [dual trade - see Rules for Assignment of MGT] TR
Drapery Painter one who usually finished paintings for other artists by painting the clothes of the subjects A
Dressmaker clothing maker T
Drugger pharmacists TR
Drum Maker one who made or repaired drums W
Drummer a musician; one who played the drum in military service. A
Dry Stane Dyker /Dry Stone Waller one who built stone walls using stones removed from fields, without mortar or cutting the stones W
Duffer peddler TR
Dyer dyer of fabric T
Ebonite Turner one who works with ebonite or vulcanite in the process of making combs or ornaments W
Embosser a person who molded or carved designs leaving an impression raised above the surface of the material A
Engraver/Etcher one who cut or carved designs or lettering into metal or stone A
Essence Peddler one who sold medicines, flavorings, elixirs, etc. TR
Eyer one who made eyes in needles used for sewing S



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