Guild's Dictionary of Colonial Arts and Trades


Fagetter seller of bundles of faggots (firewood) TR
Fancy-Pearl Worker one who worked with mother-of-pearl in making buttons or fancy goods A
Fanmaker/Fanwright a maker and repairer of fans or winnowing baskets T
Farrier/Ferrour a blacksmith or one who shoes horses S
Fear-Nothingmaker one who weaves a special kind of thick woolen cloth known as fear-nought, used for protective clothing and lining portholes, walls and door of powder magazines on board ships T
Feather-Dresser one who sold feather & plumes TR
Fellmonger a dealer in animal skins and hides, especially sheepskin TR
Felter/Feltmaker one who made felt and/or felt hats T
Ferrer a smith who worked in tin S
Feroner ironmonger TR
Fifer musician - flute/fife player A
Fine Drawer repaired tears in cloth (invisible mending) T
Finer highly skilled iron worker S
Fish Fag a woman who sells fish TR
Fishmonger one who sells fish, a merchant of fish, a regulator of fishing permits[fishermen are not accepted] TR
Flauner a confectioner P
Flemish Weaver an expert in tapestry weaving techniques T
Flesher a butcher P
Fletcher a maker and seller of bows and arrow TR
Flourmiller a miller who ground flour P
Flying Stationer a street broadsheet seller TR
Forger/Forgeman a blacksmith S
Fort Builder one who erects/builds forts, garrison or fortified homes W
Fossetmaker a person who made ale-cask faucets W
Founder one who cast metal or made articles of cast iron S
Frame Spinner a worker on a loom T
Freemason stonecutter W
Fringemaker one who made fringe or ornamental borders of cloth T
Fruiterer a fruit seller TR
Fuller a person who "fulled" cloth by in- creasing the weight and bulk of fabric by shrinking, beating or pressing it T
Funambulist a tightrope walker A
Fur Trader dealt in the sale of pelts & fur TR
Furner a baker P
Furrier one who sold processed fur pelts TR
Fustian Weaver a maker of corduroy fabric T
Galochemaker one who made overshoes T
Gardener one who sold flowers and produce TR
Garlekmonger a dealer in garlic TR
Gaunter a glover T
Gilder one whose trade was to overlay an item with gold leaf A
Girdler one who made girdles and belts, chiefly for the Army T
Glass Bender a worker in a glassworks who forms glass into curved panels or tubes W
Glassblower one who shapes a mass of glass that has been softened into a design by heat and by blowing air into it through a tube A
Glassman manufacturer of glass, especially common glass for window frames W
Glassworker correct to read Glassman/Glassworker W
Glasswright maker and mender of glassware W
Glazier a person who sets window glass or glass for pictures W
Glover a maker of gloves T
Goldsmith (1) a craftsman who makes vessels, items and ornaments of gold
(2) one who dealt with gold[dual trade - see Rules for Assignment of MGT]
Gorzeman a seller of gorse (broom) TR
Graver one who carved or engraved letters or designs or figurines in stone A
Green Grocer a fruit and vegetable seller TR
Greensmith a worker in copper or latten ( a mixed metal of yellow color, either identical with or closely resembling brass) S
Gristmiller a miller who ground grain P
Grocer dealer in commodities and household items TR
Gunsmith one who makes and/or assembles small firearms; repairs bells, cutlery, swords, etc. S
Gun Manufacturer a gunsmith who manufactured and sold only guns TR
Haberdasher a person who sold men's furnishings such as hats, shirts, neckties, etc. TR
Hairweaver a weaver of cloth composed wholly or partly of horsehair T
Haggler one who peddled merchandise TR
Hammerman a smith S
Hansard a maker of weapons S
Harnessmaker one who made harness and saddles; also may have made soldier's items such as holsters, cartridge boxes T
Harper/Harpist one who performs on the harp A
Hatcheler a flax comber or carder T
Hatter one who makes, cleans, repairs hats T
Heelmaker one who made shoe heels T
Hogshead Maker one who makes a barrel or cask W
Hooper one who puts hoops on casks or tubs S
Horner a worker in horn making spoons, combs or musical horns A
House Carpenter a housewright W
House Joyner one who builds house frames W
Housewright one who builds houses, structures of wood; a house carpenter W
Hurer feltmaker T
Inventor one who produces an item for the first time through the use of imagination or ingenious thinking or experimentation A
Ironmonger a dealer in hardware of iron; one who owned an ironworks TR
Ironsmith blacksmith; a worker in iron S
Ironworker one who works in metal/iron S
Jester a professional joker, an entertainer A
Jeweler one who makes or repairs jewelry A
Joyner/Joiner a carpenter who did interior finishing work by joining pieces of wood W
Jongleur a traveling minstrel A
Jouster a fishmonger TR
Kedger one who peddled fish TR
Kersey Weaver a weaver of twilled woolen fabric used for trousers, hose and coats T
Knacker one who made harnesses T
Lacemaker one who made lace T
Laster one who worked or shaped shoes on a"last" (wooden mould of the human foot) T
Lattener a worker in copper or latten ( a mixed metal of yellow color, either identical with or closely resembling brass); a greensmith S
Legerdemainist magician A
Lexicographer an author or compiler of a dictionary A
Limner one who illuminated books or parchments; one who draws/paints A
Linen Manufacturer one who produced linen products TR
Linen Weaver one who weaves linen T
Linener a linen draper; linen shirtmaker T
Linsey Woolsey/Wincey one who wove fabric with a wool weft
and a linen warp.
Lintwercker a ribbon maker T
Litster a dyer of fabrics T
Locksmith an artificer who makes, mends locks S
Long Song Seller a street seller who sold popular song sheets printed on paper TR
Lorimer/Loriner a maker of bits and metal mounting for horse bridles; a maker of small ironware; a worker in wrought iron S
Lumberman one who engaged in the business of cutting, processing
and marketing lumber
Luthier one who makes and repairs stringed musical instruments W



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