Guild's Dictionary of Colonial Arts and Trades


Magician one who entertains with the slight Of hand A
Malemaker a maker of "males" or traveling bags T
Maltster one who made or dealt in malt used for making spirits P
Mantuamaker a dressmaker T
Marbler one who strained paper or other veined material in the attempt to imitate the look of marble A
Marl Producer one who manufactured "marl" (a mixture of clay, sand, limestone and often shell pieces) TR
Mason stonecutter; worked in stone/brick W
Matchet Forger a knife maker or machete maker S
Mealman seller of meal or flour TR
Mercer a cloth seller TR
Merchant seller of goods TR
Merchant Tailor one who retailed fabric, notions and tailoring services TR
Metalman a worker in metal S Meterer a poet A
Miller one who owned or operated a mill TR
Milliner one who dealt in ladies' hats and bonnets T
Millwright one who built mills or mill machinery W
Mime an entertainer acting scenes from life in silence and usually in a ridiculous manner A
Miner one who extracts ore/minerals from the earth S
Mocado Weaver a weaver of woolen cloth used for making clothes in the 16th and 17th Century T
Moccasin Manufacturer one who manufactured soft leather heelless shoes or boots TR
Molitor miller TR
Monger dealer TR
Mooring Stone Maker one who cut large blocks of stone, chiseled a hole in the center through which a large tree trunk was inserted. These stones were then hauled to the waterfront and sunk off shore where boats were moored. W
Moulder (1) made wooden moulds for casting
(2) moulded clay into bricks [dual trade - see Rules for Assignment of MGT]
Muffinmaker a baker who made muffins P
Muffin Man an itinerant seller of muffins TR
Mugger one who sold crockery, also called a pigman TR
Multurer a miller TR
Musician a composer, conductor, performer of music A
Muskier a musician A
Muslin Sewer/ Muslin Flowerer tambouring muslin cloth for household use, now called embroidery T
Mustarder one who made mustard P
Nailer someone who made nails S
Naval Stores Producer one who processed products derived from the resin of pine trees or plants. The historical term "naval stores" dates to the days of sailing ships when wood had to be sealed and caulked with resinous products. * W
Nedeller/Needler one who made needles, generally made of brass. S
Netter a net maker T
Newspaper Publisher one who produced a newspaper or released it for publication TR
Nob-Thatcher one who made wigs T
Oatmeal Maker (1) one who group oats into meal (2) one who made oatmeal for the purpose of selling it to others (this does not include housewives, taverns, etc.) ** P
Occupier a tradesmen TR
Oilman a seller of lamp oil TR
Orfever a goldsmith [dual trade - see Rules for Assignment of MGT] A/S
Orrice Weaver a designer of lace patterns to be woven with silk thread A
Oyster Bed Proprietor someone who tends an oyster bed, cultivating it for food P
Padmaker one who made small baskets used for measuring T
Pailing Man one who sells eels TR
Painter one who paints as an artist A
Paintress a woman employed in the pottery industry to hand paint finished articles A
Pamphleteer a writer of pamphlets attacking or urging a cause of something A
Pan Smith one who made pans; a metal worker S
Pannier Man fishmonger TR
Papermaker one who makes paper T
Paper Stainer one who made wallpaper T
Pasteler a pastry maker P
Pastry Cook one who made meat and sweet pies, cakes and other delicacies. P
Patternmaker a person who made wooden soles (patterns) to fit under normal shoes to protect from wet and muddy ground, i.e. a clogmaker W
Pavior one who laid paving stones W
Peddler one who traveled from place to place selling small goods TR
Pelterer a person working with animal skins T
Pepperer one who dealt with pepper P
Performer one who gives a performance as in a play or rendition A
Perfumer one who makes perfume A
Perchemear one who made parchment T
Periwigmaker a wig maker T
Peruker a wig maker T
Pessoner a fishmonger TR
Pewterer one who made pewter utensils S
Pharmaopoeist one who sold medicines, an apothecary TR
Pickled Sturgeon Producer one who boiled and pickled sturgeon P
Piece Broker one who sold material remnants TR
Pigmaker/Pigman (1) a person who made pig/cast iron
(2) a pottery worker [dual trade - see Rules for Assignment of MGT]
Pikeletmaker a baker who specializes in making small pancakes or crumpets P
Pill Box Lidder one responsible for making the lids of pill boxes in the pottery trades T
Pillow Lacemaker see Bone Lacemaker T
Pinner a pin maker S
Pistor a baker P
Pitch-Tar Worker one who processed trees for resin and/or worked in the application of pitch and tar; a part of the Naval Stores Industry W
Plain Worker one who performed plain sewing or needlework as opposed to embroidery T
Plaiter one who made straw plaits used in making hats T
Planker one who planks or kneads the body of the hat during felting T
Playderer one who made plaid T
Plowright one who made or repaired plows W
Plaumassier/Plumer a person who dealt with plumes and/or ornamental feathers T
Poet one who writes poetry; a maker of verse A
Poetaster a writer of insignificant or shoddy poetry A
Poetress a female poet A
Pointmaker/ Pointman one who made tips of lace T
Potter one who made pottery or earthenware vessels T
Potter Carrier a chemist or pharmacist TR
Pouchmaker a person who made pouches, purses T
Poynter/Pointer one who makes lace tags to fasten clothing T
Prestidigitator a magician, a juggler A
Prick Louise a tailor T
Printer one who engaged in printing TR
Publisher one who publishes the works of others TR
Pulleymaker one who made pulleys for hoists W
Pumpmaker one who made pumps W
Quilters/Quiltress a person who quilted material T
Qwylwryghte a wheelwright W
Redsmith goldsmith [dual trade - see Rules for Assignment of MGT] A/S
Roper one who makes rope or nets T
Rosin Maker one who processed products derived from the resin of pine trees and plants; part of the Naval Stores Industry W
Rhymer a maker of poof verse/poetry A



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