Guild's Dictionary of Colonial Arts and Trades


Saddler one who made saddles, harnesses, horse collars, bridles, etc. T
Saddle Treemaker one who made frames for saddles W
Saltmaker/Salter/ Drysalter/Saucer one who made or dealt with salt P
Saltworks Owner/Worker one who owned or worked in a business where
fish was salt cured, i.e. a saltworks
Sarcinet Weaver a silk weaver T
Sartor a tailor T
Sawmiller one who milled wood into lumber W
Sawyer one who cut timber into logs or boards W
Say Weaver/ Sayworker a weaver of say (fine texture cloth) T
Sayer a poet A
Scrimpschonger one who carved bone, ivory, etc, into pieces of art A
Scribbler a minor author A
Seamstress a maker of female clothing T
Semi Lorer a person who made leather thongs T
Sempstress/Sewster a seamstress T
Sergemaker one who made a durable twill fabric of wool (garments & outer wear)
or silk (often used as lining)
Shearman one who sheared metal S
Sheather one who "sheaths" (to fit or furnish a sword with a metal cover/sheath) S
Shepster a female pattern cutter; dressmaker T
Shingle Maker/
Shingle Cutter
one who made/cut wooden shingles for roofing material W
Ship Blockman one who shaped chunks of wood into blocks to which
lines from a ships mast, spars & sails could be attached. The blocks provided leverage, guidance & smooth passage for the line that controlled the sails.
Shipwright one who was skilled in building and repairing ships W
Shoemaker /Shoesmith one who made shoes T
Shopjoiner/ Shop Joyner a housewright W
Shuster a shoemaker T
Shuttlemaker one who made shuttles for weaving W
Silk Dyer one who dyes silk cloth T
Silkmaker makers of silk cloth T
Silk Mercer one who sold silk cloth and items made from silk TR
Silk Weaver /Silk Worker one who wove silk fiber into fabric T
Silversmith (1) a person who made silver objects
(2) one who dealt in silver [dual trade - see Rules for Assignment of MGT*]
Sissor/Cissor a tailor T
Sizer a person who applied sizing to cloth T
Skeinermaker one who made spinning wheels W
Skepper a person who made beehives T
Slatter one who worked with or cut stone W
Smelter/Steel Smelter one who worked in a smelter, smelting down ores S
Smiddy a smith S
Smith one who made/repaired metal items S
Snob/Snobber /Snobscat a shoemaker or cobbler T
Snuffermaker one who made candle snuffers S
Snuffermaker one who made candle snuffers S
Soapboiler/Soper/Soaper a soapmaker P
Sortor a tailor T
Soufletier one who makes bellows T
Souter a shoemaker T
Spicer a grocer or dealer in spices TR
Spinner one who spins yarn T
Spinstress a woman who spins yarn T
Spooner a person who made spoons S
Spurrier one who made spurs S
Starch Maker one who made starch p
Stationer a bookseller and/or seller of paper and other writing implements TR
Staymaker a corset maker T
Stitcher decorated with stitching, etc. T
Stockinger/Stokener one who knitted or wove stockings T
Strumpfstricker a stocking knitter T
Stone Cutter one who cut and dressed stones W
Stone Worker worked with stone, a mason W
Stringer a person who made string for bows T
Sucksmith one who made ploughshares S
Sulter one who followed an army camp, peddling provisions and supplies TR
Swailer grainmiller P
Swellmaker one who made shallow baskets T
Sword Cutler one who made and mounted swords S
Tailor/Taylor one who made or repaired outer garments T
Tallow Chandler a person who made tallow candles P
Tanner tanned, converted hides to leather T
Taper Weaver a person who made candlewicks P
Tapestry Weaver/ Tapiser made tapestry; an upholsterer T
Tasseler made tassels used in furniture T
Tawer someone who makes hides into leather without tanning them; maker of white leather T
Textile Merchant a dealer in fabrics and trims TR
Textor a weaver T
Tickney Man one who sold earthenware from town to town TR
Tiltmaker a person who made canvas awnings or canopies T
Tinner one who made tinware - a tinsmith S
Tinter an artist skilled in tinting paint A
Tinctor a dyer T
Tinsmith a person who worked with tin S
Tipper a person who put the metal tips on arrows S
Tixtor weaver T
Tobacco Spinner cigar maker P
Tool Helver a person who made tool handles W
Trader one who sold or bartered for goods TR
Trading Post Merchant one who owned or ran a trading post TR
Tranqueter a person who made hoops S
Traymaker maker of wooden handle implements W
Treenmaker one who made domestic articles from wood W
Treenail Maker one who made the long wooden pins used in shipbuilding W
Trencher Maker one who made wooden boards or platters used in serving or cutting and slicing food W
Trugger made long shallow baskets T
Tubber a person who made tubs and barrels W
Turpentiner one who gathered sap from trees and distilled the resin into turpentine; a part of the Naval Stores Industry W
Turner a person who worked with a lathe to turn wood into spindles, rods, decorative woodwork W



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