Guild's Dictionary of Colonial Arts and Trades


Upholder a seller of secondhand goods TR
Upholsterer one who finished furniture by putting on the padding and cloth T
Vergemaker a person who made the spindles used in clocks and watches S
Verrier a glazier W
Verser/Verister one who produced poetic works that were not technically correct A
Vestmentmaker made gowns worn by priests T
Victualler a grocer TR
Vintner a wine merchant TR
Virginal Player one who played a musical instrument similar to a harpsichord A
Vulcan a blacksmith S
Wabster a weaver T
Waferer one who made and sold wafers or thin unleavened cakes P
Wainwright/ Wagonmaker one who built or repaired wagons W
Waller a person who built walls of either brick or dry stones W
Wampum Stringer one who strings shells/beads for wampum T
Watchmaker one who made or repaired watches S
Wax Chandler candlemaker P
Wayte Pipe Player one who played a musical instrument, similar to a modern day oboe. It was so-named because watchman & minstrel, often called "waytes" played this instrument. The reed pipe was also called a chalemelle or shawn. A
Weatherspy an astrologer A
Weaver one who weaves cloth T
Webber/Webster a weaver; operator of a loom T
Wellwright one who made the winding equipment used to raise the bucket in a well W
Wet Glover one who made leather gloves T
Wheatmiller a miller who ground wheat P
Wheeler a wheel maker W
Wheelwright a person who repaired or made wheels and wheeled vehicles W
Whipcordmaker one who made whips T
White Cooper one who made pails and tubs for domestic or dairy use W
Whitesmith a maker of utensils in tin S
White Tawer/ Whittawer a saddler and harness-maker T
Wigmaker one who makes wigs T
Willow Plaiter one who made baskets T
Wire Drawer one who made wire from metal by drawing the metal through various size holes in a template S
Woodbreaker one who made wooden water casks W
Woolcarder/ Woolcomber one who combs wool to reduce fibers to produce a higher quality yarn T
Woolen Draper (1) weaver of woolen cloth T /Draper
(2) dealer of cloths of all kinds [dual trade - see Rules for Assignment of MGT]
Wool Factor wool merchant agent TR Woolsted Man one who sold woolen cloth TR
Worsted Manufacturer a person who made worsted fabric T
Worster a dyer of fabric T
Wright a builder using wood W
Writer one who pens literary work, sermons, manuscripts; an author A


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