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The Society produces an outstanding newsletter, the Guild Gazette. This periodical is distributed to our members and special supporting repositories.

Back issues of this publication are available for sale to non-members and/or members who wish multiple copies. If orders exceed availability, the Guild reserves the right to substitute with a photocopy.

Orders for the back issues of the Guild Gazette can be placed by contacting Editor with a subject line of "Guild Gazette order." Please state which issue(s) and the number of copies of each issue requested. Each issue is $2.00, cost of mailing included.

Any repository that would like to be considered for inclusion on a complimentary mailing list should contact the Corresponding Secretary General, Please put "Guild Repository List" in the subject line of the email.

Available issues and a brief listing of articles in each:

2005 Jan. Vol . I, Issue 1 ---
Business reports; Searching for Southern Ancestral Trades; Colonial Women in the Trades, "It Wasn't Just a Man's Job"; A Few Common/Not-So-Commonly Known Trades.

2005 May Vol. I, Issue 2 ---
Business reports; First Annual Meeting; Plimouth Plantation Apprenticeship Program; A Few Common/Not-So-Commonly Known Trades; Tick Tock The Colonial Clock; Colonial Gunsmith, "It's Never Too Young To Learn".

2005 Oct Vol. I, Issue 3 ---
Business reports; Minor Guilds, "A Part of the Fabric of this Society"; First Lady of Verse, Anne Dudley Bradstreet, Poetress; St. Crispin, The Patron Saint of Cobblers; Cordwainers, Shoemakers, Cobblers; Book Review "1`776"; Our Museums Also Victims of Katrina.

2006 Jan Vol. II, Issue 1 ---
Business reports; Down By The Old Mill Stream (3 page article).

2006 May/Jun Vol. II, Issue 2 ---
Business reports; Pewtersmithing; The Copeland Spoon; Happy Birthday Ben! Ben Franklin, Printer; If At First You Don't Succeed; New Trade --- Thatcher.

2006 Oct Vol. 11, Issue 3 ---
Business reports; Colonial American Portrait Painters and Their Artisan Subjects; The Village Blacksmith; Philip Syng, Silversmith, Scientist, etc.; Forefathers Day; Mayflower Historical Society New Exhibit.

2007 Jan Vol. III, Issue 1 ---
Business reports; Arkansas Member/Guest Luncheon; Jamestown Settlement, Virginia Company, The Livery Companies of London; beginning of a series of articles on each of the Twelve Livery Companies of London - "#1 The Mercers' Company", "#2 The Grocers Company".

2007 May/Jun Vol. III, Issue 2 ---
Business reports: New Guild Flag; Ancestral Lineage Book; Historic St. Mary's City; series "#3 The Drapers'Company", "#4 The Fishmongers' Company"; Photo page Third Annual Guild Meeting; Book review Virginia Immigrants and Adventurers 1607-1635, A Biographical Dictionary".

2008 Jan Vol. IV, Issue 1 ---
Business reports; Kentucky Member/Guest Luncheon; New York Patriotic & Historical Society Flag Service; series "#5 The Goldsmiths' Company", "#6 The Merchant Taylors' Company", "#7 The Skinners' Company"; Have You Heard Of This Name?; Maine - One of the First Settlements And a Trade Location, Plymouth Pilgrims.

2008 Summer Vol. IV. Issue 2 ---
Business reports; series "#8 The Company of Haberdashers'", "#9 The Company of Salters"; Citing Your Sources on Hereditary Lineage Papers and Quick Tips; Ancestor Trades; Pictorial Tree of 2008 Annual Meeting.

2009 Winter Vol. V. Issue 1 ---
Business reports; the Guild's 5th Anniversary Meeting Notice and Proposed Bylaw amendments; series #10 The Company of Ironmongers; #11 The Company of Vintners; #12 The Company of Clothworkers; The Twelve Great Livery Companies of London; The Dewitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum.

2010 Summer Vol. VI. Issue 2 --
Business reports; Old Salem Museum & Gardens, 2010 Guild Charitable Project; Take a Look - YouMight Find Those Elusive Guild Ancestors: Thinking Outside The Box - Resources For FindingWRITERS/ARTS MTG; Trade Indexes; Early Iron Works - A Trade For All Colonies; Called to theColonies To Follow His Trade - Giles Driver, Carpenter In Virginia; 2010 American College of the BuildingArts Graduates.

2011 Winter Vol. VII. Issue 1 --
Business reports: Guild Texas Member/Guest Luncheon; The Crown and Cushion (upholstery trade);It's All in the Cards (playing cards); New Jersey Tradesmen in the News: Extracts From AmericanNewspapers Relating To New Jersey; Artisans, Please Apply in the Province of Carolina, 1666; Over ABrick Wall To Another Master Guilder Certificate; 2010 Karen Avery Miller Scholarship Awarded; OldSalem Museum & Gardens 2010 Guild Project Update; 2011 Annual Meeting Call.

2011 Summer, Vol. VII, Issue 2 --
Business reports; Guilds 2011 Charitable Project, Museum of Early Trades and Crafts; Guilds Dictionary of Arts and Trades and the Minor Trade Guild Lists; Karen Avery Miller Scholarship Award, American College of the Building Arts; Guild Golden Rule; Seventh Annual Meeting; Old Salem Museum and Gardens, Guild plaque wording; Suppose It's Always Been Difficult To Keep Good Help, Ads Virginia Gazette, 20 Mar 1739.

2012 Winter, Vol. VIII, Issue 1 --
Business Reports; President General's message; Charitable Contributions from 2005-2011; New Members; New Supplements; New Master Guilders; Master Guilders with new sets; Number of Master Guilders to date (42); List of Donations; Speake, 8th Annual Meeting; Invitation, 8th Annual Meeting.

2012 Summer, Vol. VIII, Issue 2 --
Business Reports; President General's Message; Treasurer's Report; American College of the Building Arts in Charleston, SC; Museums of Old York, Guild's 2012 Charitable Donation; History of Forks; Bradley Collins, recipient Karen Avery Miller Scholarship, ACBA; Flowerdew Hundred Post Mill; New Members; New Supplements; Photo's 8th Annual Meeting.

2013 Winter, Vol. IX, Issue 1 --
Business Reports; Message from the President General; Bylaw Amendment; New Trades & Definitions; New Members; New Supplements; New Master Guilders; Announcement of 9th Annual Meeting, Trades of Mayflower Passengers.

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