The Guilds official insignia shall be a heraldic-styled shield, surrounded by a mantle of intertwining gold leaves portraying the growth of the American Colonies, and suspended from a ribbon of blue and white, the colors representing the rough seas our Colonial ancestors dared to cross. The field of the shield is partitioned into six sections; six icons are found in each section symbolizing the Minor Guilds. The Minor Guilds are an interpretation of the various like-trades that Colonial ancestors practiced, i.e. Arts, Provisions, Smiths, Textiles, Trades, and Wrights.

For information contact:
Pat Hugar
Second Vice President General
3230 Lombardy Road
Pasadena, CA 91107-5532

Large Insignia
Full Size Guild Insignia
Miniature Insignia
Miniature Guild Insignia
Lapel Pin
Lapel Pin

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City Pride Ltd. is the official jeweler of the Guild.
City Pride Ltd., 411 Cottman Street, Jenkinstown, PA 19046, 1-888-679-8888

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