The Master Guilders

Unique to the Guild of Colonial Artisans and Tradesmen 1607-1783 is the concept of our Minor Trade Guilds (MTG). This is the grouping of all trades of "like skills." Members are encouraged to prove an ancestor in all six of the Minor Trade Guilds. Each MTG is depicted by a special icon that is part of the Society's insignia. Those members who have proven an ancestor in all six of the MTG form a special group within the Society referred to as THE MASTER GUILDERS. This list of Master Guilders will be updated on a periodic basis.


Jean Holloway Albert (2)
Alexander N. Bannerman
Barbara Roberts Baylis
Carole Drake Belcher
Matthew Stiles Bowdish, MD
Nadine L. Brunhofer *
Laura Long Caldicott
Jonathan Walker Cain
Patrick Martin Cain, Sr.
Barbara Bond Chesney
Sandra MacLean Clunies (3)
Gayle Mast Coan
Nancy Webber Davis
Janet Lewis Downing
Suzanne Bell Fichter
Timothy C. Finton
David Lawrence Grinnell (8)
Jean Krodel Hacker
Anne Caussin Henninger (7)
Elizabeth Josephine Hill
Barry C. Howard
Patsy Jo Erwin Hugar
Gerald Irion
Jeannine Sheldon Kallal (3)
Nancy Robb King (2)
Lynn Mast Long
Karen E. McClendon
Karen Avery Miller (2)
Carolyn Mitchell
David W. Morton (2)
Dr. Kimberly Ormsby Nagy (2)
Louise Smith Palm
J. Michael Phelps
Laura Ramsay
Claude Jay Rutan
Dr. Myron Crenshaw Smith (10)
Leslie Joan Steuben
Marcia E. Stewart
Jackie Frank Strickland (2)
Judy Haddock Swan
Linda Vandenberg White
Marlene Rathbun Wilkinson (7)
Penelope Nay Wood
Shari Kelley Worrell (3)
Carie Hagedorn Wright (2)



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