Membership Eligibility

Membership in the Guild of Colonial Artisans and Tradesmen 1607-1783 is extended to men and women 18 years of age or older who are of good moral character and who are lineally descended from an artisan or tradesman who lived in the American Colonies from the founding of Jamestowne, 13 May 1607, to the Treaty of Paris, 03 September 1783. Artisans and tradesmen are defined as those who were accomplished in the field of art and those who crafted or traded items and/or were part of select Royal Guilds previously established in the Old World who continued their practices in the American Colonies. Farmers or those dealing in the raising or selling of livestock or poultry are not included.

Membership is by invitation only and shall be extended by the President General.

Membership inquires are welcome; please submit a PROPOSAL INQUIRY FORM* (PIF) to the President General. (*This file is a .pdf document. Windows users: right click on link and "Save" to disk. Mac users: mousedown on link and "Save" to disk.)

Invited members shall submit an official lineage application form complete with photocopies of fully documented sources for each name, date, and event location per generation and documentation of the ancestor's skill, trade, or artistic talent to the Registrar General. A separate definition of your ancestor's given skill, trade, or artistic talent shall be requested in writing in ten (10) words or less and shall be accompanied by a source citation. It is the desire of the Guild that our members be factually informed about their ancestor's skill hence the requirement of a definition on the application form. Please visit the Guild's Dictionary of Colonial Arts & Trades or the Guild's Research Resources for assistance. If the Guild ancestor's lineage has been proven in another society, it may be acceptable to submit a verified copy of such paper in lieu of lineage documentation.

Guild membership status is that of Life Member only. Life membership fees are $250.00.

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