On 14 April 2010, the Executive Board of the Guild established the Karen Avery Miller Scholarship Fund, named in honor of the Societies Founder. $30,000 was moved from the Guild Operating Account to begin this fund. It was also voted to add a portion of all lifetime membership fees received after April 2010 to this fund for growth purposes. Donations are greatly appreciated and as a 501(C)(3) tax exempt organization, any contributions are tax deductible to the giver and can be sent to the Treasurer General. Annually, anyone making a donation to this project will be provided with a record of their contributions for their personal tax purposes. Please remember the Guild if your company has a "matching funds" donation program. The Karen Avery Miller Scholarship will benefit a student who is following an academic schedule that is aligned with the focus of the Guild. It will be given based on financial and academic need to a student in a school of higher education located within the continental United States of America.

Currently, the American College of the Building Arts is the school of choice. It provides students with an education in the following fields, all with an emphasis on historical artisan skill techniques: Plaster Working, Forged Architectural Ironwork, Carpentry, Architectural Stone, Preservation Masonry and Timber Framing.

2010 --- Michael P. Lauer
2011 --- Bradley Collins
2012 --- Bradley Collins
2013 --- TBA



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